Halo 5 PC

Bad News For PC Gamers No Halo 5 PC Version Now!

After the leak from the Nvidia GeForce Database about the possibility of the launch of Halo 5 PC, 343 industries have given a statement that Halo 5 Guardians will not be coming to PC. Earlier in this week, several leaks were uncovered regarding the potential upcoming PC games, including many Play Station exclusive games, and … Read More

Spider-Man 2

New Spider-Man 2 is ‘Massive’ According to Venom Voice Actor

Spider-Man 2 was a sudden surprise throughout the PlayStation platform; undoubtedly, many gamers keep this game in their wish lists but are usually believed to be idealistic anticipation. Nevertheless, Insomniac Games brought it’s all enlightening not only Spider-Man 2 but also a Wolverine game. According to Tony Todd, Spider Man2’s Venom voice actor, the game … Read More


Ubisoft Employees Are Having Doubts About Its New CCO

Undoubtedly, people love to play the game developed by Ubisoft, but unfortunately, the company has fallen a lot in terms of reputation after the allegation of a harassment case. Recently, Ubisoft Singapore came under investigation for harassment, and that accusation is now a highlight for people. The news began as a series of allegations against … Read More

Red Dead Online

New Red Dead Online Update Doubles Survival Mode Payouts

Since the launch of Call to Arms mode, players in Red Dead Online have been fighting themselves against enemies waves to collect some more cash. According to the Rockstar (Rockstar Newswire portal), they may be compensated for their huge efforts with extra rewards for completing a fresh new game mode match. This week, the Red … Read More

BGMI 1.8.0

BGMI 1.8 Updated APK Download link

The newest Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.8.0 update patch notes just arrived. The popular developer, Krafton, also forwarded the released timetable for the forthcoming BGMI update. Spoiler, it’s today! The newest patch notes feature quite some novel and amazing features and performance enhancements. So, download and install the latest BGMI 1.8.0 APK and OBB files. The … Read More