Ubisoft Employees Are Having Doubts About Its New CCO

Undoubtedly, people love to play the game developed by Ubisoft, but unfortunately, the company has fallen a lot in terms of reputation after the allegation of a harassment case. Recently, Ubisoft Singapore came under investigation for harassment, and that accusation is now a highlight for people.

The news began as a series of allegations against this game-developing company regarding the misconduct from the leadership in the summer of 2020 and continued till 2021. After several accusations of sexual harassment, misconduct, and misbehavior, a reformation at Ubisoft caused several accused to let go or move from other positions. No doubt the result, however, left a few of the Ubisoft employees happy.

Employees are not satisfied with Ubisoft   

Though many employees have supposed the case appears in the behind scene, it had risen back again in July when it became very deceptive that the employees were not satisfied with how the company was handling the misconduct accusations. In the beginning, while some names in the allegations, like CCO Serge Hascoet, had been certainly let go, they had been allowed to keep their shares with the organization and ensured them that they would remain very wealthy.


Newly appointed CCO Igor Manceau

Now the newly appointed CCO Igor Manceau has impelled a letter from employees. An employee wrote the letter of group A Better Ubisoft, expressing dissatisfaction with the new hiring process and clearly mentioned no clear progress towards lessening an “outrageous lack of miscellany among the VPs.” In simple words, the issues are still the same as they had been before, not truly changing the conventional order on the company to something non-toxic and constructive.

Big names accused and secured by the company  

In fact, the environment and things are still ruthless enough for the French union to solidarizes Informatique to prosecute the gaming firm for Institutional sexual harassment. This prosecution largely focused on CEO Guillemot, who has been accused of maintaining the situation by denying making any valid changes or bringing penalties to those guilty people.

The letter from a higher Ubisoft states that this leaves employees with a lack of sureness in the commitments of Ubisoft to make the firm better, especially when it comes to executives.  This is the second time such kind of letter written this year, with the first being a mutual effort by Ubisoft and Activision Blizzard employees.

Final thoughts

Now the question is what Ubisoft will do and what will be the future of this company? According to experts of Ubisoft is not reforming itself to satisfy its employees. The company will likely get more complaints, no doubt even with more disciplinary action behind them. If the company takes the matter seriously, then we may see the changes and effort very soon. Moreover, if it’s trying to get players’ sympathy, then the Ubisoft All-star blast is a bad way to do it. Hopefully, everything will be fixed and better soon.

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