New God of War Ragnarok – Why Thor Looks So Different Than in the MCU?

After months of gossip and waiting, fans finally got a pack of new information for God of War: Ragnarok during Sony’s Play Station even last week. The PlayStation Showcase trailer showed amazon graphics, hinted at plot details, and teased fresh battle mechanics for players to engage with once the game is accessible. Lots of screenshots and concept art were furthermore shown off for this game. They gave a clear picture of the characters like Kratos, Atreus, and Tyr for this game. Thor was treasured at the end of the God of War, was also shown off. However, the welcome to his design has been varied, to say the least.

Based on the Viking Myths, Santa Monica Studio has chosen to design its version instead of the prevalent MCU version that current gamers are more used to. The overall structure of Thor having long hair, a thick beard, and a giant belly, and overall looks messy. God of war: Ragnarok’s form of the god of thunder is a far cry from what people have become used at the past, but there are several reasons why Santa Monica Studio has chosen such a diverse physical arrival for its take on the mythical character.

Thor-The Unavoidable MCU comparison in God of War

 Because of the massive influence that the MCU has had on pop culture overall in the past decade, any piece of amusement adjusting the mighty Thor will unavoidably be compared to Chris Hemsworth’s representation of the character. Having represented in a trilogy of solo Thor movies from 2011 to 2017 and being a key player in the Avengers franchise, Thor has become one of the most popular and noticeable superheroes in the mainstream movie over the years. Chris Hemsworth’s striking physical manifestation and charm bring a pleasurable layer to the role that makes him one of the most beloved characters in the MCU.

Having such a reputed and typical iconic presence like this certainly has an undulation effect on other media sections. For all targets and purposes, Chris Hemsworth’s version has converted the face of Thor for most of the audiences, which is logical and given the role in such a blockbuster film franchise.

Santa Monica Studio could have marked along with this achievement, using the tried and accurate physical arrival of the MCU version of Thor by just copying and pasting it to God of war: Ragnarok.

Though it’s just an effort to do something different and make the game outstanding, the team jumped back into Norse Myth, selecting a more honest clarification of the character. This odd-looking fatter Thor may not be to the liking of some gamers, feeling he should be muscular and battle-ready like Kratos. However, some gamers believe this look will suit them more.

God of war

God of war: Ragnarok-Staying True to Norse Mythology   

The God of war 2018 version had many fantastic elements at play, including a fascinating story and charming combat system. But overall, it was precise and faithful attention to detail in re-forming primordial Norse mythology that may have whipped the show, inspiring the whole experience up to the next level. The God of War series has struggled for this authenticity even from the first-ever PS2 version, aiming to capture the mythologies it is encouraged by as carefully as possible.

That’s the reason it should come as no such surprise why Santa Monica Studio chose to track the creative path that it has for the appearance of Thor in God of War: Ragnarok. No doubt the clarification of Chris Hemsworth is impressive, but undoubtedly the covered in a glossy layer that Hollywood is commonly known for.   He is handsome and in the perfect physical condition and has a fantastic personality; this is not the Thor from ancient Norse mythology, nor completely fit into the world already recognized by Santa Monica Studio.

On the other hand, the MCU version did keep Thor’s often impatient and arrogant nature intact; his Norse counterpart is far more potent and fear-mongering. Thor, simply not the nicest man to face with. Thor’s character is an individual who believes in the constant battle, savoring the triumph over his enemies and, most of the time, arrogant about it in their faces. No doubt a true Viking, who intakes a heavy amount of food and drinking, absolutely giving into greed and desire at any given occasion. Because of this, he never cares for how handsome he may be, put on a good deal of weight, and now have large facial hair.

You can say it is fair that the explanation of Thor is not to everyone’s personal choice! It can’t be denied that Santa Monica Studio has done very specially. Picking to outline a design vastly dissimilar to the Thor present in the MCU will only assist God of war: Ragnarok. As we know, many critical characters reformed in history may prove to grow on pessimists over time thanks to its genuineness, and it should outfit the character of God of War’s Thor as well.

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