Good News! New Minecraft Mod Adds Dragons and Other Mythical Beasts

Minecraft is one of the popular games among people. There was no such ending line when this game was released and in the initial stages of improvement.   Usually, players play this game to survive each night, build new structures every day, and test their creative levels, which are definitely a massive part of this day. But in later variations, Minecraft added the Ender Dragon, which is currently the boss of this game. Still, some fans wonder why they will encounter the dragons without an end scene of this game; thankfully, Minecraft launched a new mod that will fulfill their wish.

The new mode of Minecraft Ice and Fire   

The new model is called Ice and Fire; this is a unique model where players will find dragons in the main game. In the initial stage of this new mode of Minecraft game, players have to face two types of dragons like fire and ice. The add-on also goes so extreme to make each version of the dragon occupy a specific area of the world. In simple words, the player can find an ice dragon in the cold regions, while the fire dragon can be found anywhere except the cold region. A new version of the game mode also included a lightning dragon which is very interesting.


New mythical creatures in Minecraft 

That’s not the whole thing; ice and Fire also add extra mythical creatures to make this game even more interesting and exciting. You will also find dragons, which bring several things like ghosts, pixies, gorgons, hydras, and many more into the game. These changes are added alongside Minecraft’s previously existing roster of enemy mobs, many of which have still been there since it was first launched.

Normally, the mode, designed or created by just two people, aims to bring an authentic dragon experience for the players. Those who especially don’t want to dig into the trouble of fighting the Ender Dragon have already done so before.

No doubt, it would be thoughtless to talk regarding a mod that adds dragons to the game without creating a link between this and another well-known open-world title. Though there is no such description in the mod’s description, there is a possibility that the creators are required to bring the world of Skyrim into Minecraft’s blocky universe. The idea of players roaming the huge land and facing a fire-breathing dragon flying above recommends that The Bethesda epic influence Ice and Fire.

People have the common misconception that Minecraft is a game only for kids. Markus “Notch” Persson’s reformation takes pleasure from immense achievement ten years after being launched. Mods like Fire and Ice can take this game up to the next level and definitely show the community that there is still so much excitement available in this game which can add loads of fun and excitement in you to play this game for long. Let’s see what new modes this game will launch in the future and how it works for gamers.

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