iOS 15

iOS 15 Annoying Apple Watch Unlock Bug Is Fixed

Unlocking Apple Phone with help of the Apple Watch is one of the convenient features Apple has announced during the COVID Pandemic. Though, soon after the release of iOS 15, it became clear that “Unlock with Apple Watch” was not functioning for some of the iPhone 13 owners. The Good news is Apple’s fixed the … Read More

Alder Lake Processors

Intel Alder Lake Processors leak shows retail boxes – with a surprise for Core i9-12900K buyers

Recently, Intel’s Alder Lake Processors have been marked and pics of the claimed products boxes shared online, with the CPUs going on sale through the black market in China. The sensational bit with this modern leakage, though, is those merchandising boxes, with the noticeable caution that we can’t take it for approval that these are … Read More

Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S22’s small battery feels pretty final with new leak

Samsung Galaxy S22 may be the upcoming flagship smartphone from the best selling smartphone manufacturer Samsung. Nowadays there are many rumours about this smartphone. Recently a new leak suggests that the Galaxy S22 will have features with a smaller size battery than its predecessor, resonating with several previous rumours and convincing us even more than … Read More


Amazon settles with the activists it fired

Amazon has settled out a disagreement with two workers that the National Labor Relations Board said were fired for their involvement. In April 2020, the firm fired Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa after they had prearranged a protest against Amazon’s work with gas and oil companies, as well as floating worries with the firm’s coronavirus … Read More


Amazon’s automotive efforts appear to be taking a pit stop

Amazon set out its strategies to create ambient computing an even superior part of its customers’ lives at its hardware and services event on Tuesday. But however that aim comprises surveillance drones and being followed around your home by a rolling Alexa-on-wheels known as Astro, it was missing products for the other place people devote … Read More