Intel Alder Lake Processors leak shows retail boxes – with a surprise for Core i9-12900K buyers

Recently, Intel’s Alder Lake Processors have been marked and pics of the claimed products boxes shared online, with the CPUs going on sale through the black market in China.

The sensational bit with this modern leakage, though, is those merchandising boxes, with the noticeable caution that we can’t take it for approval that these are genuine pictures while they appear substantial enough, it has to be said.

Video Cardz shared the pictures of Core i5, Core i7, and Core i9 boxes for the 12th generation processors, and they look straight and organized, but nothing predominantly exceptional, until you get to the next generation flagship, that is.

The Core i9-12900K deceptively comes in a huge box wrapped with a mock silicon wafer in all its golden spherical beauty, which we have to say, looks quite cool.

Alder Lake Processors

What’s more about Alder Lake Processors?

The most interesting thing here is that the pictures of the Alder Lake Processors range nonexistence a Core i3 box, and that could bring into line with the rumor that these low-end chis are coming later down the line, and may not be incoming with the original 12th generation launch hypothetically on 4th November.

As already revealed at the beginning, the other Alder Lake Processors leakage today is that VideoCardz also reports that the second-generation engineering samples which may be Core i9-12900K are being sold on the second-hand black market in Taobao, China.

These chips are expected to be very crumbling, of course, as they are successfully incomplete products. These usually test chips, with slower clock speeds to boot, so buyers who are deceptively leaving out to the tune of $700 will have to take their risks.

You may remembrance that premature Alder Lake Processor sample chips have evidently been out there to buy in China since July, but those transactions were closed not in public mediums, which is the key dissimilarity here. That and the fact that these are much more new engineering samples, so nearer to the ultimate product, of course.

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Intel’s new Alder Lake processors might be the chip giant’s drippiest CPU release ever, given that we have already had dropped pricing particulars, together with sufficient benchmarks, a hypothetical company launch date and specifications, of course, as ever and the current detection of the retail boxes, which as revealed, looks genuine and premium enough.

We think the box’s inclusion with the 12900K package is a pleasant touch, but that’s likely to be an individual thing. Undoubtedly others will sense its gimmickry that is solely pointless, or you can say waste of packaging resources.

Whether you like the concept or not, it’s surely different and will make the 12900K stand out from the CPU mass.

As of now the Alder lake processors engineering sample is accessible on the Chinese black market, seeing as the processors unveiling in a month nevertheless or should do, and even if that’s mistaken, it probably won’t be much than the rumored launch date of 4th November, it’s very hard to see why you wouldn’t wait for a completely finished product at this point. Mainly given that you will need an Alder Lake-supported motherboard, and those are not obtainable on the black market.

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