New Apple Watch Series 7 Might Start Shipping in Mid-October

Apple two weeks ago launched its most awaited iPhone 13 series and unveiled the new Apple Watch Series 7, but unfortunately, fans have still not got the chance to purchase this watch because Apple did not issue a particular release date. In the event, Apple officials only said that it will be “available later this fall”. People are now eagerly waiting for this fascinating watch of Apple series 7.

What did Jon Prosser say about the launch of the Apple Watch Series 7?

Recently popular Apple leaker Jon Prosser, whose intel is accurate most of the time, said on FrontPage Tech on Thursday that the Apple Watch Series 7 would start delivering in mid-October. Prosser mentioned several, unnamed sources acquainted with the watch’s upcoming release timetable and clarified that the pre-orders could start as timely as next week. In addition, the leaker claims that Apple has informed the press that they should anticipate more information on Apple Watch Series 7 review units soon in the coming weeks.

Apple Watch Series 7

While Prosser’s statement should be taken seriously, there is another conceivable signal that his intel could be genuine.

A Twitter user posted a message last week that he supposedly received from official customer service at Hermes, which plans to provide its own Apple Watch Series, 7 models, again this year, in reaction to an ostensible inquiry over when the luxury brand’s Apple Watch Series 7 device would be accessible.

Apple Watch Series 7 is one of the most noteworthy redesigned devices since it was launched in 2015. One of the most prominent changes is the big screen. There are two case sizes like 41mm and 45mm, an increase from 40mm and 44 mm, correspondingly. The watch also has fewer bezels which allow for a bigger screen and a full QWERTY keyboard access for the users. If you don’t have the finest vision, the Series 7’s got you enclosed: it’s 70% brighter even in the light condition you can clearly see the watch display.

The Apple Series 7 is available in five amazing colors like midnight, blue, Red, starlight, and green, and the price range starts from $399. It’s good news that all of us soon get the chance to try this redesigned smartwatch from Apple.

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