Google Just Killed Its Banking Service Before It Even Launched

Google has a character for killing its products and this time the firm has shut down a service that hasn’t even developed off the ground yet. The Wall Street Journal reports that Google has unrestricted its plan to let you open and manage a bank account through Google Pay(GPay).

Announcement of Google!

Google has announced the story about two years ago after Apple released its credit card and Facebook jumped on the cryptocurrency lobby.

Firstly, the service was called Cache, later renamed Plex. The Database was predictable to sync with GPay and provide a digital dashboard of where you expend your money. It would also feature built-in investments objectives to assist you set sidewise cash. Google had partnered with Citigroup and Stanford Federal Credit Union, which it nominated because several of its employees bank there. But facts about the inspecting accounts were slim, and Google hadn’t even certain if they would control fees.


Plex was hypothetical to unveiling in 2020, but the COVID pandemic kept pushing back the timeline. Then after a series of misused limits and an exit from the Google employee tasked with the development, Google obviously to drop the contribution completely. A conveyed 400,000 people were on Citigroup’s waiting list for Plex accounts.

According to a spokesperson of Google, the Wall Street Journal that the firm would emphasize “conveying digital enablement for banks and other commercial services providers rather than us helping as the provider of these services.

It’s doubtful that this is the end of Google’s individual finance motivations, as predictors expect the fintech industry to continue growing in the next few years. Google has a comparatively big stage with Google Pay, which relics the default contactless payment app on Android Smartphones. You can also use Google Pay to pay online over supported stores.

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