iOS 15 Annoying Apple Watch Unlock Bug Is Fixed

Unlocking Apple Phone with help of the Apple Watch is one of the convenient features Apple has announced during the COVID Pandemic. Though, soon after the release of iOS 15, it became clear that “Unlock with Apple Watch” was not functioning for some of the iPhone 13 owners. The Good news is Apple’s fixed the bug in its newest update.

The newly released iOS 15 update  

Though the fix was released today as part of iOS 15.0.1. Now the question is how we know about the fix? The update summary clearly says so. In accumulation to unidentified bug fixes, Apple notes it fixed a “problem where some users could not unlock iPhone 13 models with Apple Watch”. Doesn’t get clearer than that. To get the update, head to the Settings application, select General, and then Software Update. The feature works on the iPhone X or later than combined with a Series 3 or later.

iOS 15

Last year, wearing masks made using Face ID while out and about a routine. Unlock with Apple Watch was a smart workaround for those who already spend money on one. Given that mask-wearing is still common, it’s very easy to see why iPhone 13 users were annoyed by the bug.  Before, the Apple Watch had also been used to unlock Macs or applications like password manager 1 Password.

As of now, all the other bugs have already been fixed, the update records say that the settings app had been wrongly displaying warnings that storage is full and audio meditations were unpredictably starting workouts on the Apple Watch for some Fitness+ subscribers.

iOS 15 has had its reasonable share of glitches since its public release a few weeks ago. One complex missing audio from Instagram Stories if the ringer switch was set to silent. (Which was fixed last week) However, others have informed bugs such as Messages deleting saved photos during iCloud backups, AirPods Pro mislaying Siri controls, condensed touchscreen responsiveness, and removed Siri commands for phone calls, e-mail and voicemails.

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