Samsung Galaxy S22’s small battery feels pretty final with new leak

Samsung Galaxy S22 may be the upcoming flagship smartphone from the best selling smartphone manufacturer Samsung. Nowadays there are many rumours about this smartphone. Recently a new leak suggests that the Galaxy S22 will have features with a smaller size battery than its predecessor, resonating with several previous rumours and convincing us even more than Samsung will shrink its battery size.

A new certification registered on safety Korea, as spotted by Phone Arena, shows a clear picture of a hypothetical Galaxy S22 battery unit with two numbers in the label’s fine print: a typical capability (usually the figure used in the advertisement) of 3,700mAh. By comparison with last year’s Galaxy S21 has a typical capacity of 4000 mAh and a valued capacity of 3,880 mAh.

No doubt that s a small but not insignificant drip incapacity and goes alongside the general example that batteries get bigger in phones going forward-or at least not smaller. But that’s the second time we have heard that the Galaxy S22’s battery rated will be 3590mAh after a prior rumour.

We will have to wait to know the fact and of course, if a lower capacity straight translates to less battery backup or if Samsung can accomplish competencies and other actions to make the Galaxy S22 last as long as its predecessor.

Galaxy S22

Analysis: Smaller phone, the Smaller battery then, what’s good in the Galaxy S22

No doubt we are getting several rumours on the upcoming Galaxy S22 but the fact is it’s very hard to assume every rumour is perfect! We have to wait for the launch of this phone to know the exact specifications. This phone is expected to launch by coming early next year likely in January 2022.

We have heard that this phone will be featured a 6.06-inch display and be physically smaller than the Galaxy S21 which had a 6.2-inch screen. It would make the valid point that the battery may have a subsequently smaller capacity then, though it’s unfortunate for Samsung Phone lovers.

A recent Samsung Galaxy S22 render leak suggests this smartphone will look similar to S21, with vertically aligned rear cameras fixed in a sizable camera bump. In other words, not much refreshing-although another render of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra reveals a possible camera setup that doesn’t come with a bump and all-just glass covering all five lenses in a rectangle shape. We will just have to wait and see whether these rumours are the final designs for the phone or not.

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