New Study Shows That Wuhan Vendor was the First to Have COVID 19 Infection

Earlier it was said that the Wuhan Vendor was the First to Have COVID 19 Infection by the World Health Organization, but now it has been discovered that the first infection began in the marketplace for animals in Wuhan, China. This was reported this Thursday by a scientist who had been working on finding the first spreader of the virus.

Whether the virus began to spread from a research lab or a wild animal market in the city of Wuhan or even in some other way, it will still not end the discussions and rumors about the spread. Everyone has their own theory about it, and they have a lot to say on it without research or proper knowledge; and the interesting thing is people are not willing to admit they are wrong. So there will be more debates on this issue than before.

Regarding the most asked question, ‘where did the virus come?’ a lot of theories and a lot of studies have happened. A lot of fights are also seen to happen regarding what’s right and what is wrong. China fails to admit to almost all of the theories, and the World Health Organization WHO has a say about it too.

The first reported infection is believed to be in China, and discussing that, the University of Arizona scientist named Michael Worobey stated that there is strong evidence for the first infection and its connection to the marketplace in the Seafood Wholesale Market in Huanan. This was the place where the first infection was dealt with by the doctors.

He said there is strong evidence for this, and if it is objected that the infection did not start there, then where else could it start? Because other than the seafood market place it is hard to locate the beginning of the virus. This marketplace is about the ½ of the soccer field, and millions of people live there.

Agreeing with the work of Worobey, researchers and the experts stated that the pandemic onset does trace back to the seafood marketplace that Worobey has mentioned. One of the experts in the World Health Organization’s investigator and even he stood by this research.

It has been reported that back in 2019, in the middle of November was when the first virus found its host. Just like the covid symptoms start later, the vendor who got covid also got sick weeks later than he was first infected. The virus could, however, also have spread earlier and reached the vendor later, but there is no way to find exactly where and why the virus started spreading.

The spread of infection at the Huanan Seafood Market was rapid, but that does not provide complete evidence for it being the first place to have an infection.

Jesse Bloom mentioned that it’s not like that she does not agree with the information and analysis of this scientist, but she says we can not be completely sure about it as there could be a lot of possibilities.

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