Lockdowns are on Their Way! Austria to Implement its First Winter Lockdown

Lockdowns are on their way! Lockdowns and curfews are expected to return in many countries as the Coronavirus infections keep on rising. Governments are deciding to strengthen their vaccines campaigns so that more people will get vaccinated; otherwise, the control of COVID 19 infection seems unattainable.

Austria has already announced its first lockdown of this season as the cases kept rising. If people do not follow the instructions and do not go about taking the precautionary measures, then they will be charged with high fines, stated Alexander Schallenberg, who is the Chancellor of Austria. Everyone would be required to get vaccinated. Otherwise, heavy fines will be imposed.

In every hundred thousand people, there are more deaths being reported in the United States than earlier, and the number is much higher than in the winter of 2020. Even though the death rate has been low yet the hospitalizations and infection rates are increasing. The conditions in Austria are getting worse as there is no more capacity in the ICU of the hospitals. They are all filled with patients, and sometimes there are not even beds available to keep patients.

This whole worsening of the situation is due to the ignorance of people who had taken COVID 19 too lightly and had not gotten vaccination done.

Those who were not vaccinated will be facing strict restrictions on several things, for example, they won’t be allowed to visit public places like parks, restaurants, and even their workplaces, etc., but a total lockdown for everyone was not suggested by Schallenberg. But now, with the ongoing conditions, it is being noticed that lockdowns are becoming necessary for controlling the surge in COVID 19 cases.

The working of a plan and its details have not been made public by the Chancellor, but it is given that vaccination will be made mandatory for everyone from next year in the month of February. This Monday, There will be a ten-day-long lockdown in Austria, and after this, the situation will be examined. If there has been some betterment, then the lockdown would be relaxed, but if not, then it will continue.

There could be five, six, seven, and so on waves if nothing is done, and we do not want that, stated Schallenberg. These lockdowns and increasing infections could only be fought off by getting vaccinated, and everyone can agree to this because of the health effects seen till now. The vaccination is the only effective solution that has proved to work; other than this, there is nothing but more COVID 19 waves.

The packing of Hospitals with no capacity to take in patients, the excessive surge of cases in the cold season, and the lowest rate of vaccination are not happening in all other countries of Europe. It is just the case in Austria among the Western European countries.

Austria is struggling in dealing with an excessive number of patients and shortage of staff as most are getting sick and infected too with the virus. More vaccinations need to be done to fight this.

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