Hopes are Being Lost as the COVID 19 Cases Spike Again

When will we see people getting healthy with no sound of coughs nearby us? When will the restrictions be uplifted, and no more masks will be seen? COVID 19 Cases Spike Again?

These are the most generally asked questions and the answers to which can not be provided with certainty. The response team of the pandemic in the White House was presented with such questions during their briefing on the COVID 19 Situation on Wednesday. Similar questions were asked to the top medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci. To which Fauci did not give any satisfactory answers.

Even though the therapeutic treatments along with the increased vaccination rates have caused the death rate to decline by about four percentage points yet the overall hospitalizations have risen to five-point four percentage points. Six-point five percentage points of tests are coming out being positive. This number has increased from the one point four percentage points that were seen recently.

Between the 8th and the 15th of November, there has been an increase of about fourteen point one percentage points in the new infections of COVID 19. On Wednesday, this was reported by the Biden administration.

Angela Merkel, who is the German Chancellor, stated that the USA is being hit by the fourth wave, which is going to be bad. along with the ominous flip of events, Portions of Europe have as of overdue persisted limitations, and for this reason withinside the U.S that whatever happens, there’ll be standard forecast in the manner of the pandemic

The coming months will be serious for us as there will be colder, and in the cold weather, not only the natural immunity of our bodies be lowered, but the risk of COVID 19 infections also rises. The previously thought effective technique of fighting off COVID 19 with Herd immunity proved to be in vain. Even Fauci was supporting this concept, but now everyone is relying on vaccination to do the thing.’

Just like with the incoming winter season, the influenza virus shows up, making everyone sneeze, and just like the other seasonal allergies or diseases that spike up in particular weather, it is being said that the coronavirus will be one of those diseases and will become endemic.

The emitting of diseases completely has never been quite successful as it takes a lot of intelligence and innovation to fight it off, and mankind has not yet reached that level. So a lot of them are still left in the world, with just the smallpox virus being the only one to have complexly been eliminated throughout the world.

The end of the pandemic is not close, and it will not be happening anytime soon from the data it can be clearly guessed, stated in the Washington Post earlier in June by Joe Biden’s administration adviser Andy Slavitt. He is among the top adviser of Joe Biden, and he says that the United States has yet a long way to go.

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