The Covid 19 Crisis to Caused Unrest Among People Throughout Europe

In many countries around the world, the cases of Covid 19 Crisis are surging again, leaving people in fear of losing their loved ones. Especially in Europe, where already a lot of lives have been lost, and a lot of people are under threat, there is a lot of panic and fear while there should have been happiness and smiles as the holiday season was here. Like every years’ Christmas this year, Christmas might not feel the same as there is a lot of panic and sadness that has approached Europe.

People are standing up against each other, looking for someone to blame, whether it is the vaccinated blaming the unvaccinated or the citizens blaming the government. Even after immerse struggle to fight off covid 19 for years now, the spike of cases is heartbreaking.

In such a critical situation, the governments need to decide to impose serious restrictions upon citizens for getting them vaccinated so as to control the spread of coronavirus infection. To o so, the first and the foremost step the government has taken is that from the 1st of February, the vaccination would be mandatory for everyone in Austria.

Stated that Alexander Schallenberg, who is the Chancellor in Austria that the hopes were too high of the government officials and many other people that the people of Austria would sooner or later be convinced to get themselves vaccinated, but it was in vain. Now the only choice left is to get everyone vaccinated and break this COvid 19 wave cycle because if nothing is done, then there will be more waves of COVID 19 coming, and this will never stop.

A lot of the governments are giving up on the idea of getting everyone vaccinated and turning towards other sources of treatment like pills or antibody treatment etc. On the other hand, vaccinations are being mandated in the European Union and Austria.

Adding to this, Slovakia is also making vaccination mandatory for everyone, and they have imposed serious restrictions upon the unvaccinated people in order to get them vaccinated. For example, the unvaccinated people will not be able to go to work or anywhere around in public places without their proof of vaccination,

Prime Minister Eduard Heger of Slovakia stated that Christmas would not be a very happy Christmas if the vaccination rates throughout the country were not changed to a higher number. He said that Slovakia is far from the ideal number of vaccinators, and it is not likely to improve in number till Christmas, so everyone needs to be prepared. He stated that the coming days would be like lockdown again but only for the unvaccinated citizens.

On Tuesday, a total of eight thousand three hundred and forty-two new cases of the COVID 19 were reported. The total population of Slovakia is five point five million out of which only about forty-five-point three percentage points population s vaccinated.

Everyone around the globe is suffering, and governments are facing difficulty controlling the situations. Even in the rich and powerful countries, the conditions have worsened because of COvid 19, and every government is struggling to find a workable solution to this pandemic.

Health professionals will be mandated to get the vaccination because people are convinced through them easily, and if they get vaccinated, the chances of the vaccination rate increases would be more. About only sixty-seven point, five percentage points of the German population has been vaccinated and considering it the Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said that the need for action against the unvaccinated has risen.

The unvaccinated will be seeing restrictions throughout many countries now. Even if they are not COVID positive, they would still not be allowed the public places without vaccination cards and proof. The gyms, museums, restaurants, and any other means of entertainment would be out of their reach unless they get vaccinated; these vaccinations were announced on Thursday by Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who is the Prime minister of Greece.

On individual rights are being mistreated argued the Clair daily which is a member of the European Parliament’s Committee and EU legislator who is Irish. He was angered by these steps. He said that it would be a saddening scenario if a full lockdown and restrictions were imposed from Friday onwards. These were about the restrictions that Austria was imposing upon unvaccinated citizens. Most of the States are not even allowing people to go to work which will prevent them from earning bread and butter, and people will not be able to get food for themselves even.

This has been called out to be wrong and misuse of power by other states, Even Ireland, where the vaccinated population is about seventy-five point nine percentage points.

Vaccination resistance is still ongoing in some parts of the world as the people are still afraid and opposing to it; decreasing down the rates of Covid 19 spread the illness has been controlled to some extent by the protective measure and vaccinations. Previously the number of deaths was reported to be about five million or more. This is not the first time the vaccinations are being mandated or provided to the citizens; it has happened before, and it has proved to be effective. For example, through vaccination, smallpox was controlled, and today, it does not exist anymore around the world.

Also, Polio vaccination has proved to be effective, and in many countries, it has also been eliminated.

From The Liberales think tank of the liberal, it was written that in order to provide people with health and safety, the freedom of choice needs to be limited, and people need to be forced to get vaccinated now, or there will be more sufferings. The London School of Economics professor Paul De Grauwe stated that when it comes to something like this, then we have to consider the majority of the popular and make decisions according to that instead of focusing on one person’s choice.

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