COVID 19 Cases are Spiking; Joe Biden Pays Billions for the Unvaccinated

There are still a lot of people who have not been vaccinated and do not plan on getting vaccinated in the future too. Since it is hard to convince these people, and COVID 19 Cases are Spiking,  so the only option left now is just to plan further ahead for their treatments. Joe Biden taking notice of this has come up with a similar solution, and he is ready to spend ten billion dollars on hospitals and the unvaccinated COVID infected patients.

The unvaccinated people who do not have any faith in their governments and are not yet convinced to get vaccinated will be facing issues soon as the cases are rising, and the experts have given up all hope of fighting off COVID 19 in any other way. THE waves will keep coming, and if vaccination is not done, people will get infected and face severe symptoms.

For the provision of COVID 19 medications, Eli Lilly and Merck have made deals worth billions of dollars. GlaxoSmithKline has come up with a new antibody treatment too, and for its treatment, the Joe Biden administration has decided to pay around one billion dollars. Other than this, for the COVID 19 treatment pills, the United States government has decided to pay Pfizer an amount of almost five point two five billion dollars.

These pills have proved to be very effective till now and are worth giving a shot, so the governments are investing in them.

Everyone thought that the COVID would be finally gone by now, and Joe Biden even had announced in the summers that the COVID 19 was finally over and everyone could continue their normal lives, but to his and everyone’s surprise, we are back in the COVID 19 days looking for solutions to get rid of it. Billion dollars are being spent just to buy the COvid 19 treatment pills just so the infection could be fought off.

Because immunity to the vaccine decreases and the need for more medicine is for only a few of those who qualify for a booster after additional injections, this treatment in which studies have shown has shown to reduce the risk of hospitalization and death, will benefit the most 1 in 5 Americans who are most at risk of serious illness and who are not vaccinated yet.

The President joe Biden transition are advised by the New York University’s experts of the infectious diseases known as the Dr. Celine Gounder stated that it is not anytime soon that we will get rid of COVID 19 infection cases, and this is because of the booster shots for the people with severe symptoms and those healthy for vaccination are not taking responsibility to get themselves vaccinated and get their booster shots. There has been so much study and so many proofs that the vaccination is safe, yet the people are not getting themselves vaccinated.

Officials of the public health mentioned that after the vaccination, these pills are another chance that Joe Biden has provided the public with in order to stay healthy. To stop the filling of hospitals and to get everyone safe and healthy is what can be achieved through the provision of these pills against the COVID 19 created by Merck or Pfizer.

This is the only shot left in the dark where thousands and millions of Americans are refusing and boycotting to get vaccinated.

By the end of this year 2021, the Food and Drug Administration will be done investigating the pill treatments, and if it comes out to be effective and efficient, then before the next year 2022 starts, almost all the fifteen million people would have gotten their treatment against COVID 19.

Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and now Pfizer all have been paid handsome amounts to come up with an effective treatment. This has all cost about twenty-two point five billion dollars worth of vaccination amount, and just for this month, if we calculate, then that comes out to be about ten billion dollars worth of amount spent upon the COVID 19 treatment.

“This is positive news,” the president said Thursday in a statement announcing the deal with Pfizer. “For speeding the way out of the pandemic, This treatment could be another effective tool in the hopes and struggle of eliminating this long lasted pandemic. But even after all other treatment and options, vaccines remain our most powerful tool.”

With those conversations, by the end of 2022, 10 million orders would be increased; Biden specifically directed his employees last week were to order twice as much Pfizer as they had planned after seeing how effective it was in a study published.

As Christmas is around the corner with the increased cold, the people would be indoors and gathering in small places, so the infection spread will increase. People will see more severe symptoms, and a surge in cases will occur with the filling up of the hospitals, stated the government officials.

The severe infections are being seen because of the unvaccinated people who are refusing to get their immunization done. The amount of additional vaccinations till now is only recorded to be about thirty-six percentage points. Now with the worsening of conditions, not just the vaccination but the convincing for getting booster shots are also important. This task would be even more complicated because people are not willing to get themselves vaccinated, let alone get booster shots too.

The cases were beginning to increase even before this cold weather and the holidays. This was because of the unvaccinated people who were getting vaccinated more now because of the strengthening of coronavirus.

Vaccination of the adults is improving as there are more seniors and old age groups visiting the COVID 19 vaccination centers and the hospitals for the sake of their health, stated Dr. Rochelle Walensky, who is the CDC or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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