Chewing Gums Prevents COVID Spread

New research has been found on the COVID 19, that Chewing Gums Prevents COVID Spread, but it has yet to be confirmed and authenticated by the peer review. Further studies in this research have to be made, and proper testing has to be done in order to fully confirm it.

Saliva to Contain Less Virus Through Chewing Gum:

As we know that through coughing, breathing, and talking, the coronavirus is spread rapidly, and this is mostly because of the saliva that is transferred from person to person. Now, the researchers have found through a new study that this transmission could be blocked with the help of a new method which will prove to limit the amount of virus in saliva.

The chewing gums are said to have a protein that would be able to hold the Coronavirus particles in them and stop their spread to nearby hosts.

In chewing gum, the receptors named ACE 2 play an important role in holding the coronavirus in itself. This was found through experimentation by the swab and saliva testing in the test tubes. The infection is caused by the breakthrough of the coronavirus passing through the cell surface protein copies known as the ACE 2 copies.

It was found that the no ACE 2 molecules are damaged while chewing on this gum, and this gum can be stored and used even after years. It will not lose its taste or effectiveness either. The Molecular Therapy reports by the University of Pennsylvania’s research team showed that almost ninety-five percentage points of the viral load were reduced when the gums were chewed in the saliva.

This method would be affordable and easily available to anyone around the world, especially in the poorer nations that have no access to vaccination yet or are not yet provided with vaccines at reasonable price rates that could be afforded by them. This chewing gum would be beneficial for these countries, and they could simply prevent the virus transmission through chewing gums.

Booster Shots will Guarantee Prolonged Protection

A new study was conducted by the researcher on the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine booster shots, and they found that these are way more effective than the original vaccine shots. They provide long-term immunity and protection against the coronavirus. These mRNA vaccines have proved to be a better solution than other solutions in controlling the spread of the virus and in providing protection from it as well, and now its booster shots are even more effective and efficient.

After the second dose of the vaccines, the antibodies were seen to have increased about ten times more than only with the original doses. Nine months ago, on average, it was noticed that the second doses were only received by mostly the adults of middle ages between thirty-three to thirty-five years of age. Their response to these booster shots was amazing, and they had better health.

Before the infection had hit, there was about a fifty times more antibody rate noticed than earlier in the people who had voluntarily opted for this review. On Sunday, it was reported that if there are two doses of vaccination provided, then there will be a five times more increase and twenty-five times more antibodies gain in the body. This healthy effect would be present after about six to ten days of getting these booster shots.

In Chicago, It was stated by the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine’s coauthor Alexis Demonbreun that the two doses of vaccination are enough to provide a person with a good amount of immunity and protection against the virus and not just there will be enough immunity but also the duration would be more too.

These boosters have proved to be effective against the virus by many case studies and many types of research, so it is safer to get them. A lot of countries have made these booster doses available for everyone, for example, in Austria. Also, in the United States, after many studies and analyses, these boosters have been made available to adults of all age groups as they have good protection rates and results.

A new way to Detect Coronavirus Through Blood Testing:

The noticeable responses that our bodies produce against the virus and other signs were to be detected through the formation of antibodies earlier. But now, the researchers have found a new method to find out about the COVID 19 testing through taking a single blood test. This new method is more efficient because antibodies were not produced in every case of COVID 19 infection.

The interferon-gamma, which is an inflammatory protein and other molecules that can be easily measured, are produced when there is a trigger of the T-cells. Small pieces of the viruses, which are the replicas of the original coronavirus, are used in the detection of the virus, and these are tested upon the blood samples of an individual.

Through vaccination or through the later stages of infection encounter, the virus would be recognized, and the immune cells would be activated to fight against it. These immune cells are called the T cells that fight against the infectious particles that have entered our bodies.

In the immunology studies, a report was published by the coauthor in the Cardiff University School of Medicine by Martin Scurr, who stated that there is a good amount of accuracy and sensitivity both in the test so it can be trusted.

Scurr further added that the virus response to the T cells and the antibodies could be easily monitored through this test. The other method has not been very successful as many patients like those who have cancer fail to produce antibodies.

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