New Surface Duo 2: Microsoft gets serious about its dual-screen phone’s cameras

We all are waiting for Microsoft to launch its new Surface Neo, good news is this company is already introduced the second generation of its dual screen Android phone. The most awaited Surface Duo 2 is a $1500 device is marginally thinner than its predecessor and carries some remarkable camera enhancement. Specially, now you will get three sensors instead of the single 11-megapixel camera used in the last generation handset. We got a chance to check out the Duo 2 concisely at a demo in New York, and we are very much satisfied and impressed by its new updates.

We tried to capture some photos which will give you the overall design of the new phone of Microsoft. No doubt the new Duo looks amazing and the picture quality of this phone is very impressive. We have tried the portrait mode of the camera and it was amazing. As per our experience, one of the biggest issues troubling Duo’s camera software was that it only has a single camera which usually stays above the screen. Users have to flip the phone so that they can capture the correct side was facing you when you wanted to take a perfect selfie. Overall devices need to recognize which screen to activate and it totally depends on how the user will hold it.

With the triple camera setup on the Duo 2’s back and a 12-megapixel front camera, there is no longer a need to figure that out. It’s very disappointing that there is also no longer a way to take pictures without having the Duo 2 opened up, if you are capturing with the rear cameras, you must use both cameras facing towards you.

The huge camera bump also avoids you from flipping one of the screens all the way to two sides of the display lay evenly back to back. Trust me, I never really cared to do that with the original Duo because it was too wide to use, but it’s still unsatisfactory that with this change, the Duo 2 will really typically be used in Book Mode. It’s no longer a hybrid phone tablet!

When it comes to the functional shift, I am surprised, because one of the refinements Microsoft made with the Duo 2 lessening the device’s’ overall width. Now each of the panel’s measures 5.8 inches instead of 5.6 inches on the original, for a mutual you will get an 8.3-inch screen as contrasting to an 8.1-inch screen. But they are taller, with resolutions of 1,344×1892 instead of the older 1350×1800. No doubt this time Microsoft made this Duo 2 slightly more phone-like in shape, but as per my view when it comes to size Microsoft has not changed anything big.

Surface Duo 2

Microsoft’s Claim on Surface Duo 2

According to Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is the thinnest 5G mobile device on the current market. It’s true that the thickness of this phone is just 0.21 inches! This time Microsoft also introduced a slight curve on the inner edges of each screen which provides an effect of pages in an open book. This will now definitely make it easier to drag apps across screens quickly.

More specifications of Surface Duo 2 

You will get another new feature that makes this Duo 2 phone superbly faster than the original which is nothing but a higher refresh rate. Both the panels of the phone now run at 90Mz and maybe sync when required. This time Microsoft also included support for its new Slim Pen 2, which provides haptic feedback so doodlers or artists can feel a vibration when they put the stylus to the screen. It also efforts to mimic the feel and resistance of pen on paper. I tried this pen for so long on the new surfaces and on Duo 2 also it was amazing.

No doubt, the point is that I faced so few hiccups with the Duo 2 surprised me. No doubt the original Duo was screened with bugs, and even simple things like expanding an app to span both displays were problematic. During my preview, this went effortlessly. Though I didn’t spend much time with the new Duo 2, so I am still thinking about the apparently enriched software, but Microsoft is still trying to fix the past issues.

That responsiveness could be only because of the power Snapdragon 888 processor which powers the Duo2, we will definitely review it completely after testing everything in detail. When it comes to battery backup we will test it and let you know how long the Duo 2’s 4,449 mAh battery lasts. We will check the triple camera properly and review everything in detail in the future but overall it seems Microsoft has really improved a lot in this new phone. According to the official confirmation, users can pre-order this handset now which will cost you $1500, and it will be available on 21st October 2021. I will suggest you wait for the complete review of this phone don’t be hurry and spend money before knowing this new phone completely.

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