The iPhone SE 3 5G

With the classy iPhone13 now in the hype, the iPhone SE3 could be the next Apple handset to launch and a new leak proposes that its exterior design will remain hugely untouched, while a quicker processor and 5G get included in the specifications.

That’s according to the sources speaking to Macotakara, a Japanese Apple blog that usually holds accurate info forward of time. What makes the gossip even more reliable is that we heard a very related rumor about internal and exterior changes to the phone back in July.

So the iPhone SE3 will deceptively get the same Apple A15 chip inside the iPhone SE and 5G connectivity, but also you will get a 4.7-inch good quality screen and the old touched ID design, with a physical home key inserted in the lowermost bezel.

iPhone SE3

iPhone SE3: Ready for the spring

According to a report the iPhone SE3 will release in spring in the northern hemisphere, which fits in with what we have seen before: the original iPhone SE appeared in March 2016, and its successor was presented in April 2020.

Apple recently released the most exclusive 256 GB version of the 2020 iPhone SE from the models that it sells straight on its website, which proposes that an update is indeed on the way, even if we are going to have to wait a number of months for its market availability.

There has been talking that the iPhone SE series is ultimately going to get Face ID support and a notch of some depiction, but it now looks that the modification is going to occur in time for the next revive of the product.

Analysis: what is the exact plan for the smallest of Apple?

The future iPhone SE roadmap is not that much clear as it could be, it’s only because Apple now makes a small version of its flagship phones. Although there were rumors that it would be canceled, the iPhone 13 mini certainly seem on schedule in September 2021.

That 5.4-inch handset forced us to think us around the long-rumored iPhone SE Plus a higher version of the SE is not truly going to happen, at least not for a while. It would be one handset too many down at the extra squeezed end of the iPhone range.

The rumors and assumptions from the supply chain have been saying that the iPhone 12 mini did not sell predominantly well, but if Apple follows up the 13 mini version of the iPhone with the iPhone SE3 then it would feel like a strong sufficient claim for these smaller smartphones for Apple to keep pushing them out.

The next big question is whether Apple will choose to put out a mini version of the iPhone 14 next year, or whether the iPhone SE3 is going to be the only actual choice for those who want a compact iPhone. Sales statistics for the iPhone 13 mini will no doubt play a crucial role in the manufacturing of Apple.

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