All About the Instagram Stories

Every day, Instagram Stories is used by more than 500 million individuals across the world. In addition, the people who use Instagram have a sharp eye to watch Instagram stories for new merchandise and fashion trends.

 Of those who saw a product or brand through Stories, 58% said they were more interested in it. More than half of those who have used Stories to find a product or service have purchased it.

Those 4 million companies advertise on Stories each month is perhaps no surprise.

Read on for all of the information you’ll need to know about using Instagram Stories for your business in this post.

Instagram stories
Instagram stories

How to make use of Instagram stories?     

Instagram Stories are a series of 24-hour videos and photographs that view Instagram stories show in the vertical format of the app. 

Instead of appearing in the news feed, they are shown at the top of the Instagram app.

You can make your content stand out by incorporating interactive elements such as stickers, polls, and Instagram Story effects into your posts. Here’s how to get started using the format.

  • Click the addition sign (+) in the app’s toolbar to add a new project.
  • At the bottom of your screen, click on STORY.
  • Tap the switch-camera symbol in the lower right corner to use the selfie camera instead.
  • Alternatively, you can take a photo by tapping on the white circle at the bottom of your screen.
  • To record a video, hold down the white circle while pressing the record button, OR…
  • Use existing photographs and videos by swiping up (or selecting the camera roll icon on the left).

You can experiment with the following formats view Instagram stories on the left side of the screen: Create Boomerang, Layout, Multi-Capture, Level, or Hands-Free. 

Create is the default format.

How can one check for Instagram stories? 

If your story is still active, then you can check the number of people who have seen the story. To get a list of the people who contributed to those Instagram Story views, tap the number in the lower-left corner.

Even after your Instagram Story has been deleted for 24 hours, you may still see insights, such as reach and impressions, for the past day.

The reach of your Story is determined by the number of watch Instagram stories anonymously people who saw it. The number of times your Story has been seen is referred to as its Impressions.

Here is how you can follow the subjects 

  • Identify yourself by tapping on your profile picture at the bottom right corner of the app.
  • Press the Insights button.       
  • Decide how long you’d want insights to last: 7, 14, or 30 days, a custom amount of time, or a previous month.
  • Tap on Stories in the Content You Shared section after you’ve finished scrolling down.
  • The period and unit of measurement are up to you.

How can you make use of the Instagram story stickers? 

The following steps will allow you to add a sticker to your Instagram Story:

  • Create your Story by following the above instructions.
  • When you’re ready to share your photo, download Instagram stories or videos, hit the sticker icon at the top of your screen. It’s the square with a grin and a folded corner.
  • Choose the sort of sticker you want to use. Try out different types to discover how they react when tapped to learn more about them. Pinch and drag the sticker to move or resize it.

How can you add up hashtags to your Instagram stories? 

Including a hashtag in your Instagram Story helps watch Instagram stories others find when searching for content like yours.

You may add a hashtag to your Story in two different ways:

  • Use the hashtag sticker (the sticker icon in the happy square with the folded corner at the top of your screen).
  • Use the # symbol and the regular text function (touch the text icon that says Aa).

In either case, once you begin typing, Instagram will provide you with a few hashtag suggestions to get you started. You’re allowed to use a maximum of 10 hashtags in your Stories, and the best way to hide them is to scale them down to a smaller size and use stickers, gifs, or emojis to mask them.

How can you add up the location to the Instagram stories? 

In the same way that hashtags broaden the possible audience of your Instagram watch Instagram stories posts, including a location in your Instagram Story does the same.

Location pages are available for various types of establishments and places. When searching, users can access the location page through the Places tab or by pressing on the address in a post from another user. If your Story is featured there, you could see a significant increase in views.

If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, your location page is where your satisfied customers can show off their experiences; watch Instagram stories working with you, and where new customers may learn more about your firm. (An Instagram business account is required to set up a location page for your company.)

To apply a location sticker to an Instagram Story, follow these steps:

  • At the top of your screen, you’ll see a sticker icon.
  • Decide on a place to affix the sticker.
  • You can be as wide or as exact as you want when picking a location from the drop-down list.
  • Tap and drag the sticker to change its colour, size, and location to match your Story’s appearance.

How can one add captions to the Instagram stories? 

Instagram Stories has 60 percent of its users listening to music while they see the app’s stories. That translates to 40% of people turning off the sound view Instagram stories when they watch television. Captions are a terrific approach to make your video content more useful for the 40% of people who watch them.

As an additional means of content accessibility, captions play a critical role.

If you put the captions sticker to your video Stories, Instagram will automatically generate subtitles for you.

  • Start working on your Story now. Only when you use a video will the captions sticker appear.


  • Tap the sticker icon at the top of your screen once the video is complete.
  • Click on the Captions decal to bring up the sticker editor.
  • Instagram will generate captions for you. Examine how well the gadget views Instagram stories capture your words before relying on it in the future. If you find a mistake, press the text to make the necessary corrections.
  • Using the tools at the top and bottom of the screen, you may alter the font and colour of the caption. Tap done when you’re done editing the captions.
  • The caption can be moved and resized by pinching and dragging it like any other sticker.

You can caption your video with song lyrics if you add music to your tale using the Music sticker.

  • Begin developing your narrative. Only if you use a video will you see the music sticker.
  • Tap the sticker icon at the top of your view Instagram stories screen once the video is complete.
  • Select the Music sticker from the sticker menu.
  • Choose a song from the list or use the search bar to find a song by name.
  • To get to the part of the song you wish to use, use the bottom-of-the-screen slider or the lyrics list.
  • The tools at the top and bottom of the screen let you alter the font and colour of the caption. Once you’re satisfied with your captions, click done. 
  • You can move and resize the caption by pinching and dragging it like you would any other sticker.

How can you use the Instagram story highlights? 

No stories have to be deleted after a day. When you highlight something, it remains pinned to your profile until you decide to remove it. This is a terrific method to show off your most important and distinctive information.

You may add as many Stories as you want to each highlight, and you can keep adding to them as you publish new content.

Create a highlight in Instagram Stories by following these simple steps:

  • If the Story is less than 24 hours old and still available on Instagram, touch Your Story to open it OR…
  • Would you mind checking your Archive if the Story is older than watch Instagram stories anonymously 24 hours? Tap the profile symbol in the bottom right corner, then the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner. To access the Archive, select Archive from the File menu. Go back to the Story you’d like to emphasize by scrolling up.
  • Tap the highlighted symbol in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • To add a Story to a highlight, either selects the highlight you want to add the Story to OR…
  • Make a new highlight in the program.             

See all of the Instagram Story highlights we’ve compiled, including all of the symbols and covers.

Instagram stories explore 

When you click the magnifying glass button on Instagram, a collection of algorithmically picked photographs and videos appear on the watch Instagram stories anonymously Explore tab. If your content appears on the Explore page, you may expect an increase in your audience reach and engagement due to the algorithm exposing it to new, attentive viewers.

So, what steps can you take to improve your Stories’ chances of being published on the site? According to Instagram, the following factors have the greatest influence on what you see in your Explore feed:

How many individuals are commenting and how quickly they are doing so

  • Your previous interactions with the poster
  • Which blog posts have you interacted with recently?
  • Information about the poster, such as how many times other users have lately interacted with them

Here’s some advice on how to make content that will appear on Instagram’s Explore page.

How can you make use of Instagram stories polls? 

To add a poll to an Instagram Story, follow these steps:

  • Begin writing your Story by following the above instructions.
  • Tap the sticker icon at the top of your screen when you’re ready to share the finished product.
  • Decide whether or not you want to participate in the poll by purchasing a Poll.
  • Please ask a question watch Instagram stories anonymously here.
  • Enter one of your two options. The default response is Yes/No, but you can input any response up to 24 characters long, including emojis.
  • Give your poll a 24-hour runtime.
  • Don’t forget to report your findings!

How to use the Instagram stories questions? 

IG Stories questions, like polls, allow you to make your Stories more participatory.

Use the questions sticker instead of polling your followers to find out what they think. Think of it as Instagram’s answer to Q&A.

How to make use of Instagram Stories? 

  • Begin writing your Story by following the above instructions.
  • Tap the sticker icon at the top of your screen when you’re ready to share the finished product.
  • Select the sticker that says “Questions” from the available options.
  • Edit the question prompt’s text to fit your needs.
  • Done can be accomplished by tapping on the Done button.

The questions can be found on the list of people who have visited your website. To share and respond to a question, tap on it. We won’t reveal who asked the question.

How to add the links for the Instagram stories? 

Instagram Stories Swipe Uplinks can be added if your account has at least 10,000 followers or is verified.

If that describes you, keep reading. You can still contribute links to Stories even if you don’t have 10,000 followers by watching the video at the end of this section.

How to add a Swipe-Up link to your Instagram Stories? 

  • Begin writing your Story by following the above instructions.
  • You can share a photo or video by tapping on the link icon located at the top of your screen when it’s ready.
  • Copy and paste the link into the text box provided.
  • Select Done or the green checkmark to finish (depending on your type of phone).

Don’t have a verified account or at least ten thousand (10000) followers? With the help of the following trick, you can include links within your Stories.

Of course, you can also pay to have a link added to your IG Stories, and there is always a link in an Instagram Stories ad.

How to make use of Instagram stories shopping? 

If you haven’t already done so, go ahead and set up your business on Instagram Shopping. For more information, see our step-by-step guide on implementing Instagram Shopping.

The shopping sticker makes your Stories shoppable once they’ve been added to your account.

  • Continue to write your Story the way you normally would.
  • Tap the sticker symbol at the top of the screen to customize your message before sharing.
  • To use the product, touch the sticker download Instagram stories on the back of it.
  • If you wish to tag a specific item, select it from your catalog.
  • Drag and tap the shopping sticker to move and adjust it.
  • Tell us about your life.           

Instagram stories sizes 

While designing or modifying your Stories on desktop or uploading a Stories ad to Facebook Ads Manager, bear in mind the following Facebook numbers:

  • A 9:16 aspect ratio is ideal (all feed ratios are supported, but this ratio maximizes the Stories format)
  • Recommendation for resolution: 10801920 (minimum resolution is 6001067; there is no maximum resolution; however, upload download Instagram stories times may rise with very high resolutions)
  • Maximum image and video file size: 30 megabytes 
  • Title-protected zone: Don’t include text or logos in the top or bottom 250 pixels of the Story to avoid overlapping with the app’s interface. Leave a 14 percent title-safe region.

Instagram stories can make out things better for people, and it will help one get down with different resolution techniques.

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