How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently

How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently-Do you also feel weary after seeing all the perfect vacation pics? Sick of seeing everyone getting married or pictures of everyone living a fun, thrilling life while you are still sitting on your chair doing your daily tedious office work or studying. These are the things that we see daily on Instagram. However, seeing the fun life of people on Instagram (generally on all social media) can sometimes make us anxious because that is something we also wish to do but can’t because of the actual reality we face.

So, there are times when you want to take a break from Instagram life. To take a break from Instagram you have two options either deactivate your account or delete your Instagram account.

Do you want to delete your Instagram account but don’t know how to delete an Instagram account permanently?

 Don’t worry, We will teach you how to delete Instagram through this article.


Sometimes, it becomes crucial to take a break from social media accounts(Instagram) to focus on your mind and life. This is named as digital detoxing. There can be a plethora of reasons to delete the Instagram account permanently.

Instagram is a photo-sharing social media site where you connect with your friends and people you know. However, like everything else, Instagram also has its good and bad sides.

Even though it’s an excellent way to connect with people, it can be exhausting to document everything on Instagram. These are the times when you think of banishing Instagram.

Read the full article to acquire knowledge on how to delete an Instagram account and How to delete an Instagram account, permanently.

The Steps To Delete Instagram Account.

Delete Instagram Account
Delete Instagram Account

You can delete your Instagram account and its affiliated information permanently. But, this can only be done using a web browser, not from an Instagram app. Follow the below-given steps for doing the same.

  • Go to Instagram desktop or mobile site to log in, and go to the “delete your account” page.
  • You have to select one option from the dropdown column of “why are you deleting your account?” The options include- too many ads, privacy concerns, creating a second account, being concerned about my data, trouble getting started, can’t find people to follow and want to remove something. You can choose any of the given options.
  • Then the page will ask you for your Instagram password. Enter the password.
  • Now, press the “permanently delete my account” tab visible at the bottom of the screen.


If you delete your Instagram account permanently, all the photos, comments, likes and followers you have on your account will be deleted. Thus, you should delete your Instagram account only when you are determined to forge ahead from the social networking app. Because once you delete your account, you cannot see it again.

Nonetheless, if you want to save your photos from the account before deleting them, you can download the information draft.

  • To do so, tap your profile pic and go to your profile > settings > access data > view all.

Presuming that you are an iPhone user and have no idea how to delete your Instagram account.  Then let me tell you the process of deleting an Instagram account permanently on an iPhone is similar to the one you do on Android.

How To Delete Instagram Account On iPhone

  • Access safari on your iPhone.
  • After that, through a browser login to Instagram account. This cannot be done through an Instagram app. 
  • There you will see the “delete my account” option in settings.
  • Choose the reason for deleting your account in the dropdown menu below “why are you deleting your account?”.
  • Re-enter your password.
  • The final step is to click on the “delete my account” tab to delete your Instagram account permanently.

Important Points

  • You can not sign up again with the same username and password once you permanently delete your Instagram account.
  • Instagram takes almost a month to erase all your data after account deletion fully.
  • Instagram account deletion is seen as an excellent method to detox yourself digitally.

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So, these are the ways through which you can delete your Instagram account permanently. We anticipate that this guide has answered your question- how to delete your Instagram account permanently. Deleting your Instagram account will surely help you from all the distractions you face while using the app.

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