Lets Talk About Instagram Reels

Instagram introduced the Reels, a challenging counterpart to TikTok, some time back. For users to make fun, short clips, Instagram Reels has become quite a competition. Even if you don’t make it, the feature (which is included in the Instagram app) is undeniably trendy right now.

What exactly are Instagram Reels?

Instagram stories
Instagram stories

Identical to TikTok, which is now prohibited in India, Instagram Reels permits individuals to make interesting, intriguing, and short video clips. On Instagram, you could access a library of music and user-generated Reels material. Instagram Reels clips are 60-second multi-clip videos with audio, graphics, and soundtrack that you may customize. Instagram Reels offers you exposure to a large audio library that comprises chart-topping hits and well-known musicians.

Instead of merely viewing Reels from accounts you are following as you browse through the Reels tab, it’s packed with Reels from famous and trendy Instagram profiles. Reels can also be accessed from the Explore page.


Why Should You Save Instagram Reels?

Seeing Instagram Reels on the spur of the moment is a fun way to unwind. The Reels could have been about any of it: comedic bits, dance routines, quick instructions and suggestions, and so on.

Have you ever wanted to rewatch a reel but couldn’t since Instagram doesn’t have a search mechanism that allows you to view Reels separately if you don’t know the username of the account? As a result, the need to search for download ways arises. You’ll never have to bother about hunting for the reel video again if you’ve previously saved it to your device’s local storage system!

How to save Reels on Instagram?

Instagram is a well-known video and photo-sharing app. On the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, you can get the Instagram app for Android and iOS, respectively. To keep Instagram Reels within the app, perform the procedures outlined below. 

  1. Go to Instagram, search for Reels, and then access the clip you want to download.
  2. You can also go to the account of a person.
  3. After that, go to the new Reels tab, which is located beside the IGTV tab.
  4. Next, find and select the Reels video that you want to save.
  5. After the video has loaded, hit the three-dots symbol > select Save.
  6. Return to the Insta main screen to watch the saved Reels clip.
  7. Next, navigate to the hamburger icon and hit the profile icon.
  8. After that, go to Settings, Account, and Saved under Account.
  9. In the All-Posts directory, you’ll find all of your previously saved clips.


How to Download Instagram Reels on Android?

Follow the instructions below to get Instagram Reels on any Android smartphone. 

  1. First, you must install any third-party app for reposting from Google Play.
  2. After the application has been downloaded, you must launch it and configure it.
  3. After you’ve setup up the app, go over to Instagram and find the Reels clip you want to save and play it.
  4. More specific details for top apps will be discussed here.


How to do Instagram Reels download on an iPhone?

Here’s the way to get Instagram Reels on any iPhone or iPad. 

  1. First, install a third party for reposting Instagram reels from the Apple App Store. 
  2. After the program has been installed, simply launch it and configure it.
  3. Return to Instagram when you’ve set up the application.
  4. After that, try opening the video you wish to save. 
  5. More details for top apps will be discussed app-wise.


Best Instagram Reels Video Downloaders for Android and iPhone

Instagram reels download can be done using a third-party program commonly known as Instagram Reels Downloader. If you don’t have access to a screen recorder or if the approach doesn’t work for you, you can use a third-party programme to save Instagram Reels to the device’s internal memory. 


Finding the best Instagram Reels downloader could be difficult. Here is the compiled list of the top Reels Video Downloader apps for downloading Instagram videos to your Android or iPhone.


  1. InSaver for Instagram (For Android and iPhone)

InSaver is an Insta reel downloader that is both rapid and secure. It allows customers to download all forms of Instagram media and to save them to their device’s gallery. Instagram Reels can be saved or downloaded in the InSaver library. All of the files on the hard drive can be erased at once or one by one.


Here are the steps to download the Reel using the InSaver app;

  • Open InSaver and select the Instagram symbol in the top-left corner.
  • To find the Instagram reel, you’ll need to scroll down.
  • By clicking the three dots, you can copy the link.
  • The reel is now viewable on the InSaver app. To download Instagram Reels to your phone, tap the down arrow ice icon to save them locally.


  1. Barosave (For Android)

Barosave is an Android app that allows you to download Instagram Reels to your device. With Barosave, you may keep Instagram Reels and other videos or photographs indefinitely. It is available for free download. Furthermore, Barosave’s straightforward structure and simple option for replicating it on Instagram make it simple to use.


The way to download the Reel via the Barosave app is as follows:

  • Access the reel you wish to download.
  • Hit the three dots in the upper corner of the screen and select Copy Link or Share To.
  • Open Barosave, add a copied link to your phone, and then click download to store Instagram Reels.
  • From the list of options, select Barosave from the drop-down menu. Instagram will immediately download video to your phone.


  1. AhaSave Video Downloader (For Android)

AhaSave is among the best Instagram reel downloaders. It allows users to save Instagram Reels and IGTV in bulk. After you save Instagram Reels, you may turn off the music, view it in landscape style, and post it on any platform.


The following are the steps for downloading the Reel using the AhaSave app:

  • To launch AhaSave, select the Instagram icon.
  • On Instagram, look for the roll and tap on the three points. It is available for download.
  • Click copy the link or send it to a friend. You now have the option to choose.
  • Copying the link by clicking on it: To save Instagram Reels, go to the link and select the Download option.
  • Select AhaSave from the app sharing menu. The clip is instantly saved to your phone.


  1. Eros Instagram Story Saver (For Android)

Eros Story Saver is a downloader that is completely free. It has a straightforward interface that allows the user to acquire and manage the entire number of Reels in the built-in library. You can either republish the saved videos or photographs on Instagram or share them instantly on other social media platforms. This Instagram downloader is both quick and safe.


The Eros Instagram Story Saver app can be used to save the Reel in this way:

  • To use the app, launch Storey Saver and select the Instagram icon.
  • Copy the link and paste it into the Story Saver URL box.
  • Then, select any Instagram roll and hit the three dots.
  • The video will be downloaded.


  1. ETM Video Downloader for Instagram (For Android)

It enables you to view and save Instagram Reels remotely. Instagram Reels can be saved and watched without an internet connection. This Instagram downloader comes in a multitude of languages.


Here is how you can get your Reels downloaded through ETM video downloader:

  • To access the ETM video downloader, hit the Instagram button.
  • Tap three points on the Instagram bucket and then hit Copy Link or Share To.
  • By selecting the link and tapping Download, you may save Instagram Reels.
  • Select the ETM downloader in the application. The Reel is instantly downloaded.


  1. Video Downloader for Instagram (For Android)

It is a simple and straightforward app to save Instagram Reels.


Here are the steps to get the Reels downloaded using this app:

  • Download and run the app on your smartphone. Open the app after it has been downloaded and allow it the required access.
  • Now access Instagram and go to the Reel you’d like to save. To begin, tap the three-dot menu symbol.
  • Choose ‘Copy Link’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Go back to the video downloading the app now. The app will detect it automatically.
  • Your chosen Instagram Reel should then be downloaded and stored in the local storage of your Android smartphone.


Download Instagram Reels via Screen Recording

This method can be used if you don’t want to install a third-party app on your device. You can simply use the screen recording option.

The screen recorder app comes pre-installed on some smartphones, but you may need to install it on others. From the following suggestions, you can pick the best for your device;

  • Apowersoft, Filmora, Screencast-o-Matic, and Camtasia are some of the best screen recorders for PCs.
  • AZ Screen Recorder, ADV Screen Recorder, DU Recorder, Super Screen Recorder, Screen Recorder, and Mobizen Recorder are some of the best screen recorders for Android.
  • iPhone Screen Recorder Suggestion:  It already has an inbuilt screen recorder

For iPhone

If you would not want to install a third-party program on your iPhone, use the approach outlined here. 

  1. Make absolutely sure that screen recording is turned on in the Control Centre on your iPhone.
  2. Go to Settings > Control Centre > Customize Controls to accomplish that.
  3. Finally, record your screen.
  4. You’ve accessed the Reels video you want to save on Instagram.
  5. Slide up to reveal the Control Centre.
  6. Then, to begin recording the video, click Start Recording.
  7. Finally, open Instagram and see the clip.
  8. When you’re done, click the red bar at the upper screen > Stop to terminate the screen recording. This would save the clip to the Photos app instantly.


-For Android

If you have an Android smartphone, you can capture your screen utilizing the built-in screen recorder. If your phone doesn’t possess a screen recorder, you’ll need to download any Screen Recorder from Google Play. Launch the app when it has been installed and follow the on-screen instructions to set this up.

  1. Return back to Instagram after opening the app.
  2. Next, while watching the clip you want to save, hit the hovering screen recorder symbol.
  3. Finally, press the initiate button to begin the screen recording.
  4. When you’re finished, use the stop button to end the filming.
  5. Your screen recording video will be stored on your phone’s album immediately.


Instagram Reels Video Download Online

Reels Videos can be downloaded from a website on a PC or a mobile device. With the exception of third-party apps, you can also save Instagram Reels to your local storage via specialized websites. By skipping apps entirely, you can save both data and storage space on your iPhone. This will keep you safer, as third-party apps can typically place your personal information in danger. 

Now, let us take a closer look at few websites that really can assist you in downloading Instagram Reels to your device’s internal memory.


  1. InGramer 

InGramer is a consumer-friendly website that allows users to save Instagram videos and photographs in mass. You will, nevertheless, be required to create an account. But don’t worry, if you simply want to get one video, you won’t require an account.

Here are the steps to download the Reels using the website;

  • Browse to the Reel you want to download on Instagram. In the lower left corner of the screen, tap the three-dot menu symbol.
  • Now press the ‘Copy Link’ button.
  • Whether you’re on a smartphone or a desktop computer, go to this page to access InGramer. Paste the link you copied into the text box next to the ‘Search’ icon.
  • After you’ve pasted your text, press the ‘Search’ button.
  • InGramer will now locate the Reel and display a sample to you. Underneath the sample, click the ‘Download’ option.
  • Your clip will now begin to download, and you may save it to any spot on your device.


  1. Download Instagram Videos

This is yet another simple website that might assist you with downloading Reels. It features less advertising. 


Complete the steps here to get started right away.

  • Browse to the Reel you want to save on Instagram. In the lower left corner, click the three-dot menu symbol.
  • Now press the ‘Copy Link’ button.
  • That link will take you to the site. Now copy the link and paste it into the text box.
  • Select ‘Download Instagram Video’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Your video is now being retrieved. When it’s ready, select ‘Download Video in Mp4’ to download the clip to your computer’s internal memory.
  • The Instagram Reel in question should now be able to be readily saved to your smartphone.


Instagram reels video download using Chrome Extension (For desktop users)

While saving movies to your mobile device is convenient, it is preferable to download them to your computer, where you can modify them as needed. Chrome Extensions may come in helpful if you’re looking to download Instagram Reels to your desktop computer. 

Using Instagram Downloader + Direct Message, you can get your Reels downloaded in a jiffy without any hassle by following these steps;

  • To add the link to Chrome, open it in Chrome and click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button.
  • Open and log in to your Instagram account once the extension has been downloaded and installed. 
  • Now locate and drag your mouse on the Reel you want to save. 
  • There will be a ‘Download’ option available. Select it by clicking on it.
  • Choose a storage location for your downloaded Reel, and the downloading will begin instantly.
  • You will now have the Reel you choose saved to your internal memory.


Download Reels Using Stories

This is a useful approach for downloading Reels without having to rely on other Instagram services. 

The steps are outlined here:

  • In the Instagram app, select the Reel to be saved.
  • To add a roll to your story, tap the Send/Share icon and select the Add Roll choice.
  • The Story Preview screen appears. 
  • Now, utilizing your fingertips, expand the video to fill the screen. If you don’t, the reel will not be in full screen, and your downloaded video will display the reel logo and username. 
  • After expanding in, tap the Download icon above.
  • The downloaded reel will appear in your Camera Roll (iPhone) and Gallery, complete with sound (Android).

Many people all around the world are enjoying the Instagram Reels video. Downloading these videos allows users to watch and post them outside Instagram. Thus, we’ve covered distinct methods for downloading Instagram Reels videos off the internet.

The steps to download Instagram Reels video from within the app as well as via a third-party program have been covered here. We have also discussed the option to save Reels through Screen Recording and also how to do Instagram reels video download online. We have learned about Instagram reels video download by link too. We hope, now all your Reels Downloading issues would be resolved!

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