Google’s Plan to block cookies anti-competitive, advertisers tell EU

Whether you will say it is a piece of good news or bad but Google is preparing to slab a reputed web tracking tool called cookies as anti-competitive, a group of advertisers, publishers, and tech firms said in a complaint to EU antitrust regulators.

The complaint could increase the European Commission’s inquiry opened in June into Alphabet unit Google’s Privacy Sandbox which the firm said could permit businesses to mark bunches of customers without recognizing folks.

Before one year, Google was said that it would ban some cookies in its chrome Browser to rise user privacy and provide the Privacy sandbox as a substitute.

The Movement for an Open Web (MOW) said that the suggestion would provide Google the control to decide what data can be shared on the web and with whom which is definitely not good.


What Google says on blocking specific Cookies?

“Google further says they are solidifying privacy for end users but they are not, what they are actually suggesting is a scary data mining party,” MOW lawyer Tim Cowen said in a stamen.

The commission confirmed receipt of the grievance, saying that it would evaluate it under the standard actions. In June, it kicked off an investigation into Google’s online display advertising technology services

Google has already offered to resolve the case in a bid to evade a possible fine and a troublesome persistent investigation, a person acquainted with this matter told Reuters last week.

Surprisingly Google deteriorated to comment on the MOW complaint and referred to its earlier statement which was released when it offered concessions to the UK competition watchdog, which defined the Privacy Sandbox as an uncluttered initiative to offer robust privacy for users while also supporting publishers.

The US Justice Depart is also investigating this case, people familiar with the matter have told Reuters.

The group’s complaint to the UK regulator provoked its investigation which consequently led Google to provide concessions.

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