Apple’s Home app and Home Kit devices are getting these 8 new features next week

Recently Apple launched its all-new iPhone along with iOS15. Now you can get iPhones with new features, and from the next week, Apple HomeKit users will get the excellent courtesy of iOS 15, tvOS 15, watch OS 8, and Home POD 15 software updates. Apple clearly confirmed that all these updates would be available on the exact date of 20th September.

So, what are you thought about it? If you are so much excited regarding the unlimited HomeKit Secure video cameras, HomePod Mini as a smart speaker for your Apple TV 4K, or the opportunity to see your doorbell on your Apple wearable.

Here we are going to show you all the fresh HomeKit and related features that will launch on Monday.



Control your Apple TV with SIRI on HomePod

Finally, the long wait is over, as now you can able to use Siri on your HomePod to control your Apple TV. When it comes to managing your Apple TV, you can on, off, start a specific movie or show and other features like pause and resume. These features have already been available on Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant speakers. We are very happy and fortunate to get all these useful features Apple brings for its devices.

Set your HomePod Mini as your Apple TV speaker

The best thing is now you can use a single or pair of Home Pod Minis as your Apple TV 4K’s default speaker.  Previously, these features were only available to the original HomePod, which is now discontinued, but now it’s available for Apple’s tinier smart speaker.


Have your HomeKit cameras spot Packages  

Now you can connect your security camera to Apple’s HomeKit secure video through an Apple TV 4K or HomePod Mini can now give you when they see a package. This is ow more secured as it can offer people, animal, vehicle detection and definitely increases the usefulness of the HKSV compatible resident doorbells currently available on the market, the Logitech View and the Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell.

See Multiple Homekit Cameras on your Apple TV  

The good thing is now the Apple TV can stream several feeds from your HomeKit camera instead of only one so that you can quickly survey your location from the big screen. It will also provide control of nearby accessories like the front door lock or porn light. You can now quickly turn on the lights and unlock the door with the help of a remote without using your phone.

Add Unlimited HomeKit secure Video Cameras.

When it comes to the multiple cameras, with the recent update of iOS  15 on your iPhone and iPad, you can now join an indefinite number of cameras to HomeKit Security video if you sign up for the new iCloud Plus 2TB plant, which costs around $9.99/month. Before this update, the user was able to signup a maximum of 5 numbers which are limited if you want to cover a whole big home, both inside and outside cameras.


Talk to Siri in More Places       

Now you get the Voice assistance speakers are enabled with other HomeKit accessories. The EcobeeSmartThermostat is the only confirmed or settled accessory so far. According to Ecobbe, the function will not go live for few more weeks. But it seems that more devices will follow this function soon, allowing users to ask Siri to control smart home devices and set alarms and timers. Still, you need a HomePod mini on the exact same network for the device to transmit the request.

Tell Siri to Do something later.

Siri is very popular among people. Now it’s getting even smarter when it comes to controlling home; after the update, it now adds the capability for you to ask the voice assistant to do something later or based on an event. This clearly means that now you will be able to use several useful commands like turning off lights when I leave home or turning off the TV at a particular time.


Its time to control your Home on your Wrist

With the new Watch, OS 8, no doubt Apple brought a huge improvement in its wearables. Now Apple Home on OS8 gets a huge improvement along with a redesign. Now users can easily access individual accessories as well as Home Kit Scenes. The Apple Watch will now use the framework to determine which devices and scenes to offer up for control. Now you can also see HomeKit enabled camera feeds on your wrist smartwatch and use the intercom to swiftly broadcast a notification to the whole home, personal devices as well as individual rooms.

If you ever want to update your HomePod Mini’s and HomePod software, then just go to the Home Settings in the Apple Home App. For Apple TV 4K’s update, you have to look at the settings menu on your device. You have to use the Watch app on your iPhone or the settings app, which is already available on the watch for the Apple watch.

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