Microsoft’s new photos app for Windows 11 is a welcome redesign

According to an inside report for Window 11, Microsoft has disclosed another new Smooth Design focus for the Photos app, toning it with other apps that have also grasped the same refresh in look.

There is a decent chance that you have used the photos app in Windows to either view an image, or just to quickly crop and resize photos to send an email or upload to a bulletin. While the app has its uses it’s been smooth on updates in upcoming years, but that’s going to change in Windows 11.

Now Microsoft forcing a major refreshing look for windows 11 to make it more fresh and modern across the operating system, and now this can be user-friendly for both images and albums.

Photo app

How the Photo app will look like?

Panos Panay the chief Product officer at Microsoft first publicized the redesign in a tweet, showcasing the fresh look and feel of the app in Windows 11.

The menu and icon appearances seem as though it has an incline, giving off a pop-out graphical feel compared to the horizontal design that’s been existing in the app since its first showing in Windows 8.

But the big change or you can say it feature you will get here in this new photos app that you can easily edit a photo and crop it by highlighting and picture and selecting the preferred icon without using the edit and create a dropdown menu. Every preference is now at the top, with the save a copy feature once you complete your editing, so there is more space for the improved photo to be a demonstration in the app.

Now you will also get a new info button that will help you to discover the metadata of an image with the capturing date, along with the device the image was clicked on.

As we already know Windows 11 is releasing on 5th October and it looks like the clear picture of the fresh look for photos to appear in the other insider channels soon.

Photo app


Analysis: an app that’s needed a visual update the most

While Paint and the snipping tool are welcome additions to see a remodel for Windows 11, it’s the photos app that’s needed the biggest priority for an update, mainly due to the demand of users to manage and edit our pictures on the fly on the fly, without using an influential suite from firms such as Adobe.

But its user interface hardly changes since its introduction in Windows 8, with its font and icons being restructured for the windows 10 look. However, it’s a favorable start for photos in windows 11, making it, even more, easier for the most casual user to edit a bunch of pictures at once.

Photos have always been a simple but dependable app, irrespective of its old-fashioned look. With this fresh look, it could make it even more manageable to new users who just want to manage their folders of Simpsons memes with even more effortless, once windows 11 launches later this year.


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