New Version of Office 2021 Launches Oct. 5

The brand new version of Microsoft Office for Windows and Mac OS is launching on 5th October. This is also the same day Microsoft will release the most awaited Windows 11 operating system.

While some people have transferred over the cloud-based Microsoft 365, which usually updates automatically with all the latest features if you have an active subscription, but the thing is, many of us don’t want to go for the subscription to use Word or Excel. That’s why Microsoft is launching the everlasting license version of Office.

Microsoft 2021

The new Office 2021 features and support

When it comes to office 2021,  this is nothing but an upgraded version of office 2019. Until now, Microsoft has not officially announced its new features. The firm promos what we can expect in its latest versions of the office for government commercial customers that rolled out today. According to their previews, users can get Dark mode support, new excel functions and formulas, an improved way to search through a range of cells, and better slideshow recording for PowerPoint. Now Micro soft office 2021is also adding multi-application support for its version 1.3 of the Open Document format.

Overall you will get the outlook fully improved for search and superior in-app translation preferences for more than 70 languages. Microsoft further said that it will now support Office 2021 for five years, which is definitely shorter than the usual support Office usually gave to its users on previous suits. This is an uninterrupted release, which won’t be more consistent feature updates like subscribing through 365. The release is proposed for users who need a one-time purchase option.

No real-time collaboration of Office 2021

Office 2021 won’t comprise real-time collaboration and AI-powered automation for World, PowerPoint, and Word Excel this time. If you want to get access to all the cloud-based features and a new remote collaboration tool, you need to go with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Till now, Microsoft hasn’t declared the price of Office 2021, but as per a report, the one-time cost will remain the same for both personal and small business users. No doubt Microsoft certainly wants people to use its Microsoft 365; an Office 2021 license will definitely be inexpensive than an entirely new subscription.

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