Amazon Echo to add Adaptive Volume feature to make Alexa louder

If you are an Alexa Echo user, you must have faced the issue of the low audio output of this device. Sometimes this device also doesn’t understand our command, and it’s only because of the noisy environment! Many people have complained about the low loudness and weak receiving power of this smart speaker.

Now it seems that everything will be resolved with this new up-gradation on Amazon Echo, including Adaptive Volume. According to the report of Verge, the reputed e-commerce giant Amazon recently added a new Adaptive Volume feature to its Echo smart speakers.

According to the manufacturer spokesperson, this advanced feature will definitely resolve to receive commands even in a noisy environment. But in such cases, the users have to switch on the adaptive Volume feature.

But, there is no confirmation about whether Alexa will become quieter when there is no noise in the surroundings. Undoubtedly, users can easily reduce or enhance the speaker’s volume as per their requirement manually, but they can even enable the whisper mode. The best thing is it will work later only when someone talks to Alexa quietly.

Adaptive Volume feature

Everything about the Whisper mode & adaptive Volume feature 

One can easily active the whisper mode by giving commands to Alexa! You can ask Alexa to turn on “Whisper mode.” Once this mode is activated, the user can easily talk to the Alexa in a deficient tone, and the smart speaker will definitely respond to the exact command for sure!

Now, in India, the Whisper mode is available for users, but the new Adaptive Volume feature is currently not working for Indian users. Now, this mode is working only for US customers. There are no such updates on when Amazon will roll out this adaptive feature for Indian users or everyone.

Amazon celebrity voice announcement

Recently Amazon announced the accessibility of the celebrity voice feature on Alexa. Now Indian users can listen to super Star Amitabh Bachchan’s voice instead of Alexa. Any Indian user can activate this celebrity voice feature by spending 149 rupees for one year.

Now the question is how you can become active in this celebrity voice feature? It’s straightforward! You need to say, Alexa, introduce me to Amitabh Bachchan to start purchasing this voice feature, and then users can interact with Alexa by using the starting word with “Amit JI.”

After the activation process, users can also enjoy the past stories of his life and a selection of poems written by his father and many other things like motivational quotes, tongue twisters in the voice of Amitabh Bachchan. You can easily interact with him in both English and Hindi language.

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