iPhone 13 Release Date, Price, Camera, Design Full Specifications Rumor

iPhone 13 Rumors – What’s All in the News About Apple’s Upcoming Launch?

iPhone has a separate fan base altogether. The people who’re used to iOS would hardly ever want to switch to any other mobile phone brand. Moreover, those crazy about iPhones keep a very close watch on every latest release and launch.

In the wake of this popularity, the hype about iPhone 13 is natural and inevitable. Every iPhone fan has an eye on this latest upcoming Apple product in the iPhone series and wants to know all about it right from its release date to the pricing, design, and other specifications.

With that hype, the rumors and leaks were to spread. The news is full of rumors, leaks, and speculations about iPhone 13. So, what’s come out about the latest iPhone so far? Let’s dive into some of the most prominent iPhone 13 Rumors.

iPhone 13 Rumors

It’s been speculated that the iPhone shall be released in the market this fall with a lot more advanced features and functionalities. One major speculation is the upgrades that shall come to the camera with advanced features and functionalities like video portrait mode. Another speculation is about the sizes in which the model shall be available. In addition to this, a lot more rumors are lurking around. Let’s take a deeper dive and know things in more detail.

Release Date

The release of the phone is not very far now. The phone is expected to reveal itself this fall, somewhere around mid-September. So far, the release date for the phone is speculated to be 20th September which is not very far and makes things all the more exciting for those eagerly waiting to make a purchase of this upgraded model in the iPhone series.

iPhone 13 Release Date – 20th September


iPhone always gets launched with jaw-dropping prices, and this time is no different. The price of the iPhone 13 is speculated to be starting from Rs. 92,999, a pretty hefty amount, but as always, it’s going to be worth the value of it.

Size and Design

iPhone 13 Design Photos, Price, Release Date, Look
iPhone 13

People have always loved iPhones for their sleek designs and comfortable sizes. The device is rumored to be launched in three or four different sizes, two of which shall be a Pro version, while the other two are in a more normal and economical pricing range. The sizes shall be magnificent, as always being 5.4inches, 6.1inches, and 6.7inches.

As far as the design of the phone is concerned, not many changes are speculated. Some changes expected though in the design are regards the thickness and weight of the phone. The phone is speculated to come with longer battery life which points out to the fact that the batteries shall be heavier. This simply means that the phone is going to be heavier and thicker.

Other than that, it’s expected that the notch shall be narrower and shallower owing to the redesigning of the front camera. This also points to the fact that the receiver speaker is shifted to the edge in an attempt to cut out the notch in a smaller size.

Some more changes relate to the placement of the rear cameras, which is diagonal rather than vertical, as seen in previous models. Additionally, the camera unit is supposed to be larger considering the fact that it needs to accommodate the sensor-shifting technology.

There can be changes in the placement of the sim tray and power buttons as well. They could be slightly downwards in comparison to where they’re placed in the existing iPhones. 

A major design change was expected to be the portless feature coming in the phone rather than the lightning port for charging and data transfers. The idea was to facilitate wireless charging and data transfer. However, some reliable sources indicate that the portless design is not in the picture at the moment and could come in later versions to be launched in 2022 and after.


A changed camera design with more advanced features and technology is major speculation made for iPhone 13. It’s been rumored that the camera has been upgraded to include sensor-shifting technology. The lenses shall be wider, too, with a lot more elements to enhance the quality of the images being clicked and captured. Additionally, the lenses are expected to come with auto-focus features, larger pixels, and sensors which will enable better light focus and make the clicks sharper and of better quality.


It’s rumored that the iPhone 13 will come with a much larger battery capacity. However, this cannot entirely mean that the battery life will expand. But with the speculations about enhancements to the battery capacity and the battery being heavier, it can be expected that the battery life for the device shall increase up to some extent.

Other Specifications

In addition to the upgrades made to the camera and battery and making slight design changes as regards the notch and placement of the sim tray and power keys, iPhone 13 is expected to have an upgraded chip, i.e., A15 bionic. This upgraded chip shall help boost and enhance the performance of the device, thereby catering to much smoother and effortless user experiences.

The device is also expected to come with 6GB of RAM, making multitasking and multiprocessing a much easier affair. As regards the internal memory, it’s expected to range between 64GB to 512GB.

5G connectivity and 6E Wi-Fi is also expected to come, thereby offering better wireless connectivity and accelerated speed for streaming and augmented reality in the phone.

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Wrap Up

Every launch of the iPhone is excitedly and eagerly awaited, and major speculations are made about the upcoming model. As far as iPhone 13 is concerned, there are some magnificent speculations that make the wait more exciting. What comes out to be true is only a matter of time. Until then, we can keep waiting and dreaming about what more new is to come in the upcoming iPhone 13.

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