Toyota And Lexus Evs, An Updated MX-5, And Stolen Mustangs

In a questionnaire of vehicle satisfaction conducted by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Honda came out on top with a score of 82 out of 100. BMW came in second with 81 points, Lexus third, and Subaru and Audi completed the top five. Mitsubishi and Chrysler were the lowest performers, with ratings of 71 and 70, respectively, much below the industry average of 78.

Toyota stunned the world by announcing fifteen new electric vehicle designs simultaneously. After years of opposition to EV adoption, Toyota appears to have an electric vehicle for practically every category. The Toyota by series, which comprises the bZ4X and four new automobiles based on the e-TNGA architecture, is included. There was also the Lexus RZ, a huge SUV, an automated shuttle, and electric sports vehicles, among many other things.

Mazda didn’t see the need to make too many modifications to the MX-5 for the upgraded 2022 model, as they made only a few tweaks. The innovation uses the difference in speed between the left and right rear wheels to assess the turning circumstances in real-time, then applies a slight braking force to create an “anti-lift” effect for more excellent stability. A new color, Platinum Quartz Metallic, is also available, and a new Terracotta Nappa leather is inside the package.

In Alameda County Superior Court, six new sexual harassment allegations have been brought against Tesla. The ladies claim that as a result of Tesla’s inaction, they used various tactics to protect themselves from harassment, including verbal and physical assault. They piled boxes, bought baggy clothes, missed breaks, and requested to be moved away from their tormentors.

Toyota And Lexus Evs, An Updated MX-5, And Stolen Mustangs
Toyota And Lexus Evs, An Updated MX-5, And Stolen Mustangs

Jessica Barraza and Erica Cloud have already filed two cases:

The all-new fourth-generation Kia Carens shed its MPV aesthetics favor a three-row SUV/crossover design. A 1.5-liter customarily aspirated petrol engine, a turbocharged 1.4-liter petrol engine or a 1.5-liter diesel engine connected to a six-speed manual, a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, or a six-speed torque-converter automatic gearbox are all available for the Carens. The Carens will be accessible in India and a few other countries early next year.

The 2023 Genesis G90 has been wholly revealed for Korea, with comprehensive inside photographs of the new luxury sedan joining the outside images. The 2023 G90 has been “designed to satisfy both consumers who take the wheel themselves and those who are chauffeured,” according to Genesis. Massage seats, a Bang & Olufsen audio system with pop-up tweeters, twin sunroofs, ambient lighting, and a scent system are just a few of the features.

The G90 sports a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine with 375 horsepower (280 kW / 380 PS) and rear-wheel steering, in addition to the luxury interior. A 400-mile 2022 Jeep Wagoneer seems like a terrific deal to anybody looking for a Jeep Wagoneer. And it seems to be in decent shape based on the photos alone. On the other hand, the listing reveals that it has been damaged by fire, so the insurer considered it a total loss. Outside, several of the chrome trimmings have a slight black tinge to them, suggesting this. Despite this, it is not a total loss and may be recovered.

Four Ford Mustang Shelby GT500s were stolen from the company’s Flat Rock Assembly Planting Michigan, which sounds like the start of a Nicolas Cage movie.

Toyota And Lexus Evs, An Updated MX-5, And Stolen Mustangs
Toyota And Lexus Evs, An Updated MX-5, And Stolen Mustangs

Toyota’s electric car ideas are finally moving forward:

Earlier this week, the business unveiled 15 electric vehicle ideas. This is how they seem. The world is being reshaped by electric automobiles. While petroleum still reigns supreme, battery-powered vehicles are increasingly becoming the way ahead for many automakers, including Toyota, showing 15 fresh new battery-powered concept cars to show its overwhelming support for electrification.

During his limelight, the CEO disclosed intentions to electrify 30 new and existing models over the next ten years. While green energy and electric efficiency are the focus, the business also promises not to overlook automobiles for work and recreation.

Toyota’s “curtain-dropping” event saw the carmaker unveil 15 new concept cars, all of which would be powered by the company’s much-needed commitment to electrification. Despite being the manufacturer of the Prius, Toyota hasn’t always been enthusiastic about complete electrification. Previously, the manufacturer gambled on hydrogen power over battery-electric cars, giving competitors like Volkswagen a leg up on the competition in terms of electric vehicle technology.

By 2035, it plans to phase out combustion engines entirely in these markets. The Lexus RZ crossover will debut in 2022, and it will be constructed on the same platform as the future Toyota bZ4X and Subaru Solterra.

Lexus will also introduce electrified cars in at least three sectors, including a full-size SUV, a sedan, and a supercar that will inherit some of the iconic Lexus LFA’s most extraordinary driving characteristics with electric motors instead of a gas-guzzling V10. Toyota didn’t say much about its electric supercar, but it did say it will have a range of more than 430 miles, a zero to 60 MPH speed in the low two seconds, and solid-state battery technology.

Toyota will also introduce a variety of crossovers and SUVs in various sizes (full-size, standard, and compact), as well as an ultra-efficient tiny urban crossover and a midsize sedan under the Toyota moniker.

Toyota also showed off three niche designs that are reminiscent of leisure cars. Toyota provides two pickup trucks: the midsize Tacoma and the full-size Tundra. Given Tacoma’s position as Toyota’s best-selling vehicle, the idea unveiled at the event is most likely a midsize pickup. Toyota hasn’t said it would sell cars in both sectors when it moves to battery power.

Finally, Toyota unveiled two future van ideas, dubbed the Micro-Box and Mid Box. The titles correspond to the size of the boxes, with the Micro-Box being the smallest. The company didn’t say how these two prototypes would fit into its range, although they might be aimed at commercial markets (similar to the Toyota e-Palette) or last-mile deliveries.

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