Hyundai Has Just Delivered The First Ioniq 5 In California

It’s difficult not to notice the overwhelming quantity of Teslas on the road if you’ve just taken a trip there. Once located in Freemont, the carmaker has a significant presence in Southern California, notably in Los Angeles. However, things may be changing shortly. Hyundai has verified that the first 2022 Ioniq 5 has been delivered in Los Angeles.

Of Cerritos, California, Yaron Alfi is the proud new owner of an Atlas White example from Norm Reeves Hyundai. “For my growing family, the Ioniq 5 is the ideal car. It ensures that sustainability is prioritized. The cabin is spacious and will provide the required space for my small children, “Alfi said.

“The vehicle’s sophisticated networking features will be a lot of fun for the whole family, and we’re excited to go on future road trips and camping excursions away from the city. I’m ecstatic to be one of the first customers of this daring new car, and I can’t wait to get behind the wheel.”

Alfi has owned a Hyundai since 2004 and now works for a space launch firm, where he is in charge of the software platform for rocket manufacturing. Alfi’s Ioniq 5 order must have caught Hyundai’s attention since he’ll be serving as a brand ambassador for the next year, recording his EV adventures on social media. It’s easy to understand why the Ioniq 5 might appeal to techies, but Alfi is also a sports fan who hopes to take his new electric hatchback/crossover to football tailgate parties.

Hyundai Has Just Delivered The First Ioniq 5 In California
Hyundai Has Just Delivered The First Ioniq 5 In California

Southwest Airlines’ CEO said that masks on aircraft don’t do “much.” Since then, he’s been diagnosed with COVID:

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly tested positive for the coronavirus on Friday, only days after testifying before a Senate committee when he and another airline executive questioned whether passengers on aircraft should wear masks.

On Wednesday, Kelly and other airline industry leaders testified for more than three hours before the Senate Commerce Committee on the billions of dollars in federal help that airlines got during the epidemic.

Senator Roger Wicker questioned Kelly and American Airlines CEO Doug Parker if customers will ever be allowed to board a flight without wearing a mask at one point during the lengthy session.

“I think the evidence is quite strong that masks don’t add much, if anything, in the air cabin environment,” Kelly told the Mississippi Republican. He commended the efficiency of airplane air filtering and ventilation systems. “Compared to any other indoor location, it is extremely safe and of good quality.”

“I concur,” Parker, who was seated next to him, added. Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts was among those who chastised the two CEOs for their remarks.

“I’m surprised that some of the CEOs here today have indicated that we don’t need masks on flights anymore,” Markey added. “In the face of Omicron, children under the age of five who are still unable to be vaccinated, hundreds of flight attendants who defend us every day, and the fact that we continue to allow unvaccinated individuals to travel in our nation,” says the author.

Since the onset of the epidemic, Markey has advocated for mandatory airline mask use. Meanwhile, Parker published an Instagram comment apologizing for not being “clearer” in his response to the inquiry. “A distortion of American’s stance on the mask mandate” resulted from his reaction, he claimed.

“During a talk about the quality of airline cabin air, I agreed with my colleagues CEOs that being onboard a plane has shown to be a safe and healthy indoor environment,” he wrote. “I didn’t say anything about masks or the federal mask regulation, but my agreement was unclear, and it’s my fault for not being more specific in my response.”

The hearing took place just as the Christmas travel season was getting begun. Even as the Omicron and Delta versions overrun the country, threatening to halt efforts against the epidemic, millions are anticipated to flee.

Hyundai Has Just Delivered The First Ioniq 5 In California
Hyundai Has Just Delivered The First Ioniq 5 In California

In San Francisco, Qatar Airways marks the first anniversary:

Qatar Airways celebrated one year of service to San Francisco International Airport this week (SFO). Qatar Airways, the country’s flag carrier, will begin service to the Northern Californian hub in December 2020, and it will offer special fares to mark the event.

On December 15th, 2020, Qatar Airways will resume passenger flights to San Francisco. With its renowned Airbus A350 aircraft, the airline began service to the location. Akbar Al Baker, the operator’s CEO, expressed his delight with the decision. He claimed that the Bay Area hotspot is an actual location since it is the entryway to Silicon Valley.

It is, however, more than just about commercial and tourism potential. During the height of the epidemic, Qatar Airways began the route. As a result, it was eager to link travelers with their relatives and friends via the way.

Until March 31st, 2022, ticket prices for travel start at $670 on the Doha-based airline’s website until December 21st. Many individuals wish to take advantage of the special prices, with the San Francisco route benefiting tens of thousands of travelers.

“The route has carried over 70,000 passengers to over 140 destinations across the airline’s network since its debut, with top destinations including India, Pakistan, Jordan, the Maldives, and Kenya.” In July, Qatar Airways raised flights from the gateway to a daily frequency to better serve travelers in the region, with flights connecting forward to hundreds of US locations through strategic relationships with airlines such as Alaska Airlines, according to a spokeswoman for the company.

“San Francisco is one of the airline’s 12 USA gateways, two more than pre-pandemic, and one of the three principal cities serviced on the West Coast.”

Mark Drusch, Senior Vice President Revenue Management, Strategic Alliances, Loyalty and Strategy at Qatar Airways, spoke with Simple Flying about the airline’s success in the United States earlier this year. He explained that the carrier has ultimately maximized the North American market by using its partnerships with other airlines. Partnerships with American Airlines, Alaska Airlines’ accession to Oneworld, and JetBlue’s codeshare growth have all helped grow.

With 17 weekly flights, JFK is the most frequent US destination. Qatar Airways’ A350s, on the other hand, arrive seven times a week in San Francisco.

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