Top Best Anime Streaming Sites List

Who doesn’t like anime streaming? The craze for anime content has rapidly grown in the past 3 years and audiences are enjoying this kind of content. We are glad that there is enough content available on the web when it comes to anime streaming.

There are some legendary shows like “Dragon Ball Z” and “Naruto” which ignited the fire of anime content in the world. Initially, these shows used to stream on T. V Channels like cartoon networks and other channels. 

They come into the limelight in the past three years when major audiences shifted themselves on smartphones and started anime streaming on their phones and that was a time when anime streaming sites came into existence.

It’s great to know that you can watch most of the anime content on your phone, laptop, or tablet anytime anywhere by just spending your mobile data. 

How Anime streaming became so much popular

Most of the shows belong to Chinese/Japanese background and their cultures, major shows which are streamed in different platforms take inspiration from the cultural history of mentioned countries.

China and Japan have a rich culture in Kung Fu and Martial Arts, most Anime shows are composed of these kinds of fighting techniques and possessing powers from gods.

Initially, these shows used to get streamed on T.V channels in the country itself and in their regional language but slowly the shows started to getting dubbed in different languages, and then they were telecasted to different cartoon channels in different countries.

Anime content started grabbing attention in a lot of countries, mainly in the USA, India, and other European countries. 

And then when the wave came, these shows were sifted to different OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and HBO.

But these anime streaming services were charging from their viewers and then the audience started to look for free anime streaming services. Due to the large exposure of Anime shows on different platforms, it was easy for anyone to gather all the shows and stream them for free. That was the point when anime streaming sites came to their origin.

Now, there is thousands of website on the internet which are providing free streaming services.


List of Free Anime Streaming Sites

Best Anime Streaming Sites List
Best Anime Streaming Sites List

There are many websites available that are providing free anime streaming and there are a lot of websites doing this, so how to find the right website with the right amount of content stock is the major challenge.

There are some other platforms too like anime streaming Reddit, which provide information and free streaming facilities 

The major problem that any viewer may face while streaming their favorite show is an unnecessary and irrelevant advertisement. There is nothing free and ads are the revenue-generating portal for these website owners but some websites have monetized these ads in a convenient way.

Another issue can be finding your favorite Anime show, there are millions of shows, and not every website has every show, you can find the show by simply typing the name on Google. 

We are listing the top three best anime streaming sites list with complete details.


This website is often considered as one of the best websites when it comes to Anime free streaming, the best thing that we found in this website was its user-friendly interface and easy to navigate portals, the website has a good stock of old and new shoes and makes the perfect place to stream anime shows. 

The website also has an advanced filter system from where you can find your favorite show without extra hard work and the platform also has categorized its content alphabetically which helps a lot in the filter part. 

The website is timely updated and you will find any newly released show in Japan/China in no time on this website, they are well connected with the production team as well, the only demerit which this streaming platform has is its slow response/loading time. Yes, this is normal as the site has so much stuff into it but yet this is a demit for

               Highlighted features –

  • User friendly interface and portal
  • Customer navigation is good 
  • Advanced filters which is a standout
  • The website has a dark mode and light mode for more convenient streaming 
  • The language change features help the users

Our views –

If we exclude slow response/loading time then there is no loophole for this anime streaming website, and loading time is a thing that comes with a user base which proves that this website has a good audience base. By ignoring loading time, 9Anime is one of the best websites on this list for sure.

2. Crunchyroll

This is not completely an Anime streaming platform, Crunchyroll is Anime based streaming game, merchandise, and many more. It is often said that Crunchyroll played an important role in bringing Anime culture to the western part of the world.

The reason that we have kept it into this list is because this portal also offers online streaming and as being the responsible platform to promote these kinds of shows there are some really good shows that you can watch here.

The interesting fact is that Crunchyroll also holds licenses of many popular anime shows and characters, they also offer store to viewers to buy merchandised products.

They also have a blog site as well, where they also offer Anime comics/magazines that you can purchase.

               Highlighted Features-

  • A single platform for many Anime things
  • The blog site offers good comics 
  • They also have a store for merchandised products 

Our Views-

This website can be termed as the godfather for Anime Streaming, as they have done so much for this industry; also the platform is good, compatible and easy to use. You will get most of the things about Anime the only loophole is that this is paid, and the prices vary from 7 to 8 dollars. Although this wouldn’t be a bad deal as you will be getting the combo package rather than irritating ads. And pricing is the only reason that you can see this website ranked at number 2.

3. Funimation

This website is also a great portal to stream anime content, and they have made remarkable efforts to promote the content in the west and if there is any other website other than Crunchyroll which has worked hard to promote anime then that is Funimation.

Don’t go on the name, the website has a lot more to offer other than funny content. There is a good variation and availability of shows and series on this streaming platform.

They have played a vital role in promoting some legendary shows like Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, and Beyblade in the western part of the country, and due to these shows, Anime came into existence in the western sites.

Funimation is an old platform and was working even before streaming services were started.

The good thing about this platform is that they are also producers of some anime shows and hence they offer more than 13,000 original shows to their users.

The website is fast and you will not face any other disturbance until and unless you have a good internet connection.

               Highlighted Features-

  • Good streaming speed
  • They offer original content too
  • Streaming quality is good


Our Views-

This is a great platform, they promoted shows on the western side of the world, the streaming quality is great and you will enjoy your session with the quality, for many Anime lovers, this website is home but again this is paid. You will not get this facility without paying the fee; they offer monthly and yearly plans, for one month it is 6 dollars to 8 dollars and for a year you will be charged 100 dollars. But spend will be worth it if you are a true anime fan. 

All these anime streaming sites provide anime streaming services in quality ways, choose wisely and accordingly, go through all the details before signing in and enjoy.

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