The Best Multiplayer Games of 2022

2022 has been another great year for digital gaming on desktop. Building on the booming trends that emerged in 2020, game developers have continued to invest in creating cutting-edge, defining multiplayer games for the PC.

In a world where solo gaming is now easier than ever, multiplayer games still rank highly in top-selling title lists. While modern games feature exceptional visuals and audio, as well as compelling gameplay, the main appeal of a multiplayer lies in the experience of playing with – or competing against – global gaming communities.

The best multiplayer games that we’ve played in 2022 span all genres, from AAA titles to indie games and MOBAs to card games. Here’s the lowdown on the top titles that we will continue to play throughout 2023 and beyond.

Apex Legends 

Combining the battle royale and hero genres, Apex Legends has been a staple on our gaming rigs since it was released. This post-apocalyptic shooter ticks all the boxes as far as compelling multiplayer goes, from its exceptionally-agile gameplay to the cool respawn features you can take advantage of to bring your teammates back to life.

One of the best things about Apex Legends, however, is the way that it utilises connective technologies to ensure all players can interact via its ping system, which even the most antisocial of gamers can use to ping key locations, the best weapons and enemy sightings.

Mech Arena 

Fresh from Plarium’s stable – the studio responsible for the excellent Raid: Shadow Legends – Mech Arena is one of those multiplayer games that you simply can’t tear yourself away from. While it’s not rocking any boundaries as far as the concept goes – Mech Arena follows that classic PvP battle arena format – it’s still got plenty of substance to keep you playing long after you told yourself you’d stop.

What sets this one apart from other multiplayer shooters is the level of customisation that’s available with your mech suit. As you play, you’ll be able to unlock even more layers of customisation to hone your perfect battle strategy.

Poker Freerolls 

Digital poker is one of those formerly niche games that now has universal, mainstream appeal. While the market is saturated with numerous gaming apps and digital poker experiences, one of the most authentic ways to get that tournament feeling is with poker freerolls.

Poker freerolls are, as the name suggests, free poker tournaments that are open to a wide range of players. Most freeroll tourneys follow a similar structure, with incredible blinds and ante bets. Plus, with such a low barrier to entry, they’re great for beginners and offer pros a way to get extra value from gaming online.


Capitalising on the Viking trend, Valheim is a brutal survival game set in a sandbox-style world informed by Norse mythology. The more you play, the more of the gaming universe you get to explore, thanks to its neat, procedurally generated format.

Played in teams of nine, you and your pals need to survive the harsh Norse wilderness by evading the vicious creatures and ghouls waiting in mysterious forests. It’s a gorgeous game to play and is especially enjoyable when played with a diverse group of friends, as each character brings a necessary skillset to the table.

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