Samsung reportedly ditching Exynos SoC for Galaxy S22 for some regions

Samsung Galaxy S22 has been already a part of the rumour for a long time now. We have got to know several rumours on this upcoming flagship phone about its cameras, release date, price and design, and what not! But here we have a new report that has occurred evading all those ordinary leaks will captivate you further, well, at least for all Indian users.

According to a new report of AndroidPolice Samsung has preferred Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SOC over its own Exynos chipset for its upcoming flagship lineup for some provinces.

For the inexperienced ones, Samsung conventionally uses dissimilar chipsets in its Galaxy S-series for dissimilar regions. For instance, the US models are typically prepared with a Snapdragon SoC, while models in some other areas like India, Africa, and Europe use the firm’s in-house developed Exynos chipsets. But this is probable to modification with the Galaxy S22.

A few references have been noticeable that replicate Samsung may unveil the Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S22 model in the regions where it presently sells its Exynos corresponding item. Nevertheless, Europe will remain unaffected, as formerly conveyed as well. if this ensues, then for the first time, Asia and Africa will get distinct modifications of all three phones with distinct model numbers like SM-S901E, SM-S906E, and SM-S908E.

Galaxy S22

Better performing Galaxy S22 for Indians?

While most of the top-rated smartphone brands have started reassuring in-house chipsets, Samsung, which has its traditional factories is descending towards another semiconductor maker for its flagship smartphone lineup, well at least for some regions.

The motive behind the same leftovers is mysterious but the scarcity in chip manufacture is considered as one major cause. Galaxy S21 FE is also delayed because of this scarcity of chipsets.

Historically, whereas the performance of Samsung’s Exynos SoCs has been on par with that of Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon SoC, the latter has shown dependably improved results, specifically in terms of power effectiveness and heat supervision. For years, several regions were underprivileged of such kind of expertise.

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