Is Gmail down? Email service not working as users fail to log in

Google has confirmed it is observing issues with Gmail and some of its other services. “We are now inspecting a matter upsetting user access to manifold services affecting users in Europe,” the firm noted.

Popular Email service one and only Gmail seem to be suffering extensive problems this morning with a likely outage upsetting both its online and mobile apps.

As per the data from instantaneous outage monitoring service Down Detector, the event started at roughly 0300 ET/08:00 GMT, with thousands of users having currently registered difficulties.

The matters, which seem to be affecting logging into an online account, are upsetting users in the UK, Europe and the US, with figures increasing by the minute.


Gmail is not working at all

We don’t know more details about the particular Gmail issues till now, but Google has now confirmed it is looking into numerous problems with some of its premium software!

Along with Gmail, Google Chat and Google Calendar are also heavily affected, with each program today shown as a watchful on the official Google Workspace dashboard.

Google said:

“We are now studying an issue upsetting user access to manifold services affecting users in Europe,”

“We’re investigating all the reports of an issue with Gmail. We will offer more info soon. The affected users are incapable of entree Gmail,” it added on the Gmail explicit page.

“We are investigating an issue which is affecting some users in Europe affecting their capability to access some services.”

Sending 2FA alerts to a mobile device took too much time than usual, and in some cases caused an error, send-off us incapable to log in as workers across the state log in for their working day.

Some users have engaged to Twitter to criticize they can’t access Gmail services at all, and inner indication from the Whyd team saw us incapable to log into our accounts, with the usual 2FA security authentication procedures running very sluggishly. We’ll continue to monitor the entire story and update here when suitable. So, keep visiting our website to get further updates.

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