Apple lags behind the U.S. laptop market share’s top dogs, HP and Dell

The market share of Apple may have grown up over the previous time span, but it’s still rambling overdue both HP and Dell as the third most widespread laptop brand in the U.S., conferring to a fresh study.

As of October 2021, Apple has a market share of 24%, likened with the awe-inspiring shares from the number one executor HP at 35% and the second-ranked Dell with 27%, conferring to fresh data from a Statista Global Consumer Survey.

That identical study also discovered the fourth highest-ranked brand to be Acer at 13%, with number five being Lenovo at 12%. Samsung is the lowest-ranked brand at only 7%. The data covers U.S. households and was conducted between Jul 2020-Sep 2021. 4,792 U.S. defendants between the ages of 18-64 years were plotted.


Why is Apple third in the market?

Apple stands 3rd place is essentially fairly remarkable, on behalf of its stable progress in the laptop market. Its laptops are measured to be well-made and it has the edge in designing its own hardware and software, confirming that its OS is always augmented for its products. Not to remark that out of any other brand, Apple is well known for its exceptional customer service and seamless user experience.

Nevertheless, there are numerous aspects involved as to why Apple still stands behind HP. The biggest ones are reasonable pricing, catering to manifold domiciliary markets, and modernisation, which are all aspects where Apple still lags behind schedule.

The HP brand is popular for its smooth designs and keyboard, as well as providing an extensive variety of laptops that fit with both casual and professional use, all while residual more reasonable than Apple’s far more exclusive products. The firm is exclusively attractive for gamers, which make up 35% of the global population, as its gaming laptops are known for being well designed with exceptional performance.  What’s your view on this ranking of Apple in the US market? Let us know your points of view and stay connected with us to know further update on this.

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