Update your Google Chrome install now, or risk losing your bookmarks and more

If you’ve been thinking of updating Chrome, you’ll want to do so quickly as Google has discovered that it will culmination support for Chrome sync for those still running version 48 of its browser or underneath.

For those unaware, Chrome sync is an amazing feature in the software giant’s browser that stores a user’s bookmarks, passwords, history, open tabs and settings favourites on the firm’s servers so they can be opened from any device running Chrome. Chrome Sync also repeatedly signs you into Gmail, YouTube, Google Search and other Google services so you can easily start working on a project on your Chromebook and finish it on your Android smartphone or other devices running Chrome.

In a fresh post on the Google Chrome Community page, product support manager at Google, Craig Tumblison provided additional specifics on the future change, saying:

“As formerly shared in the Chrome Enterprise announcement notes for M94, we’d like to notify anybody using Chrome Browser version M48 or lower than Chrome sync will be denounced on these versions, and will no longer work once M96 introductions on the steady channel. In order to continue to use Chrome sync please update your browser to Chrome version M49 or higher.”


Time for a Chrome upgrade

Handlers who want to continue using Chrome sync will prerequisite to update their browser to Chrome version 49 or advance by clicking on the “More” menu at the top right of the browser and clicking “Update Google Chrome”. However, it’s value noting that if this choice doesn’t appear, you’re previously running the newest version of Chrome.

At the same time, if a Chrome update is undecided the icon will be coloured green if it was unconfined fewer than two days ago, orange if the update was unrestricted about four days ago and red if an update was unconfined at least a week ago. After updating Chrome, you’ll need to restart your browser for the update to take the consequence.

Though Google has alleged that handlers will need to update to at least Chrome 49 to stay using Chrome sync, the firm’s browser is presently on version 95 through version 96 is planned to influence its steady channel soon.

In accumulation to having admittance to all of the modern features, running the most present version of Chrome will assist to defend you from attacks manipulating weaknesses that have previously been reinforced in Google’s browser.

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