Pokémon Unite crosses 25 million downloads on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android

The Pokémon Unite Nintendo Switch edition has achieved a substantial milestone. Since its launch on 21st July 2021, the game has been downloaded more than 25 million times which is a record. This mobile version of the popular Pokémon game was released on 22nd September in 73 countries and accomplished to achieve the number one spot in the free game charts in 65 countries and regions in Just 2 hours of the launch. To celebrate this huge achievement, every player who plays this game will get 2000 Aeos tickets.

Pokémon Unite is an amazing multiplayer online battle arena game with games consisting of two teams of five players.  You will get the game map which is split into two halves, with several control points each. Here in this game players have to score points for their team by beating non-player character “Wild” Pokémon and moving towards one of the particular control points. Nonetheless, if the player gets smash by an attack while scoring, they will be intermittent and need to try again.

Pokémon Unite

During this game, players can also collect Aeos energy from wild Pokémon and attempt to score goals on their opponent’s side. While the game is lacking several features from the traditional Pokémon games, it’s still an amusing merger of MOBA-style strategical classic Pokémon. While the game is absolutely free to play for anyone but players have to buy United Licenses from the in-game store in order to use those Pokémon in matches and the united Licenses can be bought using Aeos Coins, which is a kind of game currency earned by playing matches or using the finest currency purchased with real money.

How you can play Pokémon Unite?

Pokémon Unite is completely free to play and this is a multiplayer MOBA game or you can say battle arena game. The main motive of this game is to surge your points by collecting wild Pokémon for battle. You can also join a team of five players to start battle it out with another team having 5 players and earn more points.

To include more value to players, the smartphone version of Pokémon Unite provides extra features. For starters, trainers can team up with squadmates to clash and can also anticipate new battle passes, a cluster of themed events and new content. There is also a restricted spectator mode with additional language support. Furthermore, you will get to perceive a second battle pass with innovative cosmetic items like Holowear.

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