WoW!Netflix Has Acquired Its First New Video Game Studio

Falsifying onward with its unusual plans to grow into the video game space, the streaming giant Netflix has allegedly developed Night School Studio and an indie game developer that will spot the first achievement of its kind for the streaming platform.

What you will get in the Night School Studio of Netflix?

Night School Studio has a couple of sensation games on its roster, including 2019’s Afterparty, which takes place in a college town in hell. And 2016’s Oxenfree, which, according to the studio’s portal is a “supernatural thriller about a group of friends who accidentally open a ghostly rift”.

It may be sounds familiar, in fact, the links between Night School Studio and hit Netflix original Stranger Things go beyond the artificial: the studio had been working on a fusion puzzle game based on the series back in 2018 when surprising redundancies forced the project’s unexpected shutdown.


Mike Verdu the vice president of the game developer of Netflix gave a statement that the platform’s early game contributions will be completely free of cost, without ads or the option for in-app purchases, and would be high-class games designed for every kind of gamer and different level of play”.

The proclamation of the achievement comes just one day after Netflix publicised that its primary library of mobile games, which was released to Android users in Poland in the month of August, would also be available for free to subscribers in Italy and Spain. Although the games don’t need any purchase to play, they do, inquisitively, need an external download, with probable users who find them within the Netflix mobile app being forwarded to the Google Play Store in order to install the game on their devices.

No doubt Netflix has signalled about its future entry for months and now it’s going to happen and Netflix introduced itself as a key player in the gaming space, creativity no doubt meant a massive slice of media quiche that it has thus far conquered with streaming content like television shows and movies.

Krankel’s view on Netflix’s Night School Studio

Sean Krankel, who founded the small studio in 2014 gave a statement on Night School’s website that Netflix did a good job of demonstrating and protecting our studio culture and creative visualisation. According to him, Netflix gives TV, movies and now making games an extraordinary canvas to create and convey excellent entertainment to millions of people. Krankel further added that “Our considerations in story gameplay and Netflix’s track record of assisting different narrators was such a natural combination.

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