How to get Netflix Free Trial 2022 Trick

Are you struggling to get a Netflix account but don’t have enough money to buy it? Then this article is for you. We are going to list the latest tricks and tips with which you can get a Netflix account trial for several months.

In the global pandemic, most of the production houses have shifted towards various OTT platforms and Netflix being the favorite one.

 As crowd gatherings are not allowed and people are watching the latest movies and shows on Netflix but this is not a pocket-friendly thing to do and not everyone can afford a Netflix account.

Getting a free Netflix account is not a possible thing but you can extend the trial period of an account for several months which is a similar thing.

Initially, Netflix provides a free trial for one month and you need to register your debit or credit card for this and after one month it asks for the payment and you can deny it. But how cool it will be if you extend that free trial period?

Yes, this is a possible thing to do but with some tricks as Netflix’s team continually works to stop these kinds of things and to keep the things legit and on rules. But there are some hacks by which you can do it.

Here is the complete step and guide to get a Netflix trial 2022

Netflix free trial
Netflix free trial
  • Download the Netflix application on your phone or just sign up on any browser.
  • Start with registering and choose the convenient plan and click on the start my free trial.
  • Once registration is completed put in your card details and do a transaction of 1 Rs to validate your card.
  • After that your free trial will be started, make sure to turn off the auto-payment just the day before payment. We suggest you set up a reminder for it.
  • Your Netflix free trial is not started, enjoy the latest shows.

This was the step to register for a free trial for a month; there are many other ways via which you can get access to a free trial for 3 months also which we will discuss further.

There are different network providers which are also offering free membership with their plan; this can be also a good option to avail benefits of a free trial.

In 2022, it’s not a big deal to get a Netflix free trial, with some basic steps and tricks for the account the can be availed in minutes.

How to get Netflix free trial 3 months 

It’s really easy to get the Netflix free trial account for three months but there will be some conditions, you don’t need to pay for a Netflix account but you will be paying for something else but less than the cost of an Ultra HD Netflix account. 

  • You must have an Airtel connection for it either it can be prepaid or postpaid but the offer is only for a limited period of time so make sure to avail it really soon.
  • Download Airtel thanks app from play store/apple store.
  • Register with your Airtel number and login into it.
  • On the home page you will Airtel thanks banner click on it.
  • After that you will be redirected to Netflix, register with the same Airtel number and you will get three months of Netflix free without paying any single rupee but yes for Airtel connection you need to pay the fee.

If you are an existing customer of Netflix then your trial will start automatically and that three months of the period will be added to your plan duration.

If you are not an existing user of Netflix then your trial will last for 3 months and Airtel will add INR 1500 into Netflix wallet which will be deducted every month for the next 3 months.


Netflix Free Trail latest trick

If you have taken several free trials from Netflix then you will be blacklisted but there is a solution for this also.

Here are the steps how you can get Netflix Free Trial-

  • Start with downloading any VPN (Paid one preferred)
  • After that download Netflix of the sign on any browser
  • Follow the same steps of registration and click on “Start my Free Trail”
  • Once you register and click on start your Free Trial will be started.

Due to the installed VPN, your IP will be hidden and you can still enjoy the free trial after being blacklisted and getting a trial several times.

There is no need to keep the VPN on after being registered; you can enjoy the latest Netflix shows and your favorite movies without any trouble.


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