Thanks Lenovo to Offering TruScale Absolutely Everything as-a-service

Lenovo recently announced regarding its advanced TruScale brand to generate a fresh portfolio-spanning all as a service offering.

According to Lenovo, with this advanced expansion of Leno TruScale, the firm is conveying its service offering under one umbrella to deliver customers with a comprehensive solution that makes everything from the devices in their pockets to the cloud accessible under a distinct contract framework.

At the same time, Lenovo TruScale symbolizes the firm’s One Lenovo vision to fulfill the rising demand for advanced technology during this new era of hybrid work and learning.

According to Lenovo

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Recently the president of Lenovo solutions, Ken Wrong, explained in a press release how the fresh offering will permit organizations to fast-track their digital renovations, however, keeping up with the swift pace of modernization, saying:

“The digital renovations are rushing fast than ever, and companies are still struggling to maintain that pace with the swiftness of the innovation; we get to know from the CIOs every day that the technology of the organizations badly needs improvement every 12 to 18 months. With Lenovo TruScale, customers can expect all in one solution, one provider, one framework network and a single point of accountability for everything as a service”.


Lenovo TruScale Reimagined

The Lenovo TruScale offers small and large-scale businesses with all-in-one services known as an everything-as-a-service platform. Which always offers the flexibility to stay competitive with a scalable, cloud-like consumption model having predictable payment options for both service and hardware.

By developing a fully integrated as-a-service tactic, Lenovo is conveying its “One Lenovo” vision to life, focusing on common business challenges and offering IT leaders the flexibility to pay-as-you-grow.  With the help of Lenovo TruScale, infrastructure solutions can also be fully managed, which will definitely be going to give huge advantages to the customers of an on-premise cloud environment where customers can manage data in a progressive hybrid environment.

As per the report, the Lenovo DaaS is now a part of the new TryScale umbrella, which will continue to assist associated customers in moving to a modern IT environment by offering the best end-to-end technology from Lenovo.

As part of its new platform, Lenovo has united with infrastructure partner Deloitte, VM ware, Intel, and DaaS security partners. It also deals with Absolute Software and Sentinel One to provide organizations with several different dynamic offerings. Hopefully, Lenovo can bring huge improvement by this everything-as-a-service. What are you feeling and expecting regarding this new development of Lenovo? Feels free to share your opinion in the comment section below.

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