Reminder: Cheap Android Tablets Come with a Bloatware Tax

Everyone knows that if someone is purchasing a cheap Android device, the user is bound to run into some bloatware. This is a big issue that’s overwhelmed the stage since its launch. Undoubtedly, tablet and phone manufacturers have implemented improved practices over the years; it remains a predominant problem, particularly on affordable android devices.

Lenovo is one of such manufacturers selling cheap Android devices or tablets in the U.S. You can easily get budget Lenovo tablets from this brand starting from $100. On the other hand, the premium segment tablets are available for only $300. You can easily purchase these tablets from giant retailers of Walmart.

Users Complained about the Android device of Lenovo P11 pro  

When it comes to the cheap android device (especially low range tablets) of Lenovo, they are good to use. Leno tablets like Tab P11 pro comes with prefilled apps and services that usually run in the background. Many Lenovo users have criticized, or you can say complained to Lenovo regarding this bloatware.

Recently a Twitter thread got limelight where a user explained the issue of his Lenovo Tablet and showed frustration regarding the uninstall and immutable app. After a few times of this tweet, Krasnow linked a Lenovo forum post with the user regarding the notification pre-installed Lenovo app issues and fixes.

In a retweet, he got that “I know that the hardware manufacturers are installing their own apps on the devices to bring improvisation in user experience, but today I got a weird experience with P11 which was a notification of an Amazon offer music. User Tony Jewell commented in the support forum of Lenovo. He also added that he couldn’t disable the notifications for Lenovo Tips as there is no option for the disabled even within the setting panel.


Samsung is another reputed brand manufacturing tablets for the U.S market for a long time with other two reputed brands like Onn and TCL, known as Walmart’s house gadget brand. Amazon is also making android tablets, but it remains split because it doesn’t pull from the Google Play Store.

No doubt all three brands are manufacturing android tablets with extra applications to trap users into specific services indirectly they promote them. When it comes to Samsung, this brand is now not providing ads service in budget tabs, and recently t stopped serving ads on its flagship devices after huge complaints from the users.

No doubt, Android tablets are still suffering and lack apps optimization for the larger screen. Even you can find software updates behind the screen. In most cases, users can easily remove unwanted apps and services to free up their memory.

Process of disabling unwanted apps?  

For this process, most users go into the Apps and setting section and tap the option to expand the list of installed applications. Then they have to choose the app which shows the unwanted spamming apps and tap on the option to uninstall and Force to stop an app. In some cases, you may get the direct disable option in your device; tap on that, and you can deactivate that app easily from running in the phone’s background.

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