League of Legends new update gets tough on AFK players

Riot Games is taking serious action against players who intentionally quit games early and go AFK. Now Riot Games updates its penalties for one of the most popular games which is none other than the “League of legends”. The penalty leavers under disruptive behaviors which is fair enough and good for serious gamers.

Here, in this post we are going to summarize the changes to AFK and leaver punishments, Riot’s competitive team specially design a lead Jordan Checkman and behavioral systems producer TiamTamMonster comprehensively suite of actions the studio is presenting to shield players from repetition offenders, as well as simplify how it optimisms to improve the way it “evaluates attempts to reform in games”.



Riot about AFK Players Punishment

Riot says “we know that leavers and AFKs are some of the most annoying and troublesome behaviors you may face during a game, so we are pleased to be coming to you today with an update on AFK and leaver punishments.

Riot team further added that Their approach to lessening the frequency of AFKs and leavers in games has few points which are nothing but an extra tier to our penalty structure so that players who continue to AFK constantly truly deserve these new penalties. Further stated that adding a new penalty type to shield players from repeat lawbreakers, and improve the way we estimate attempts to bring improvement in our games

What was the previous Punishment?

Till now, Riot penalized players who are AFKing with queue delays. Queue delays are a speed knock on an upsetting players’ way to their following few games, upon clicking the play button, the queue blocks them from last a short-timer. The main intention of this is to change behavioral conduct. If any player who goes AFK gets too involved in what having their time misused is like, they are less likely to commit it in the near future. For most of the players, Queue Delays work fine, but about 9% of our players involve in regular AFK conduct and don’t appear to be discouraged by a few interruptions during their games.

Report of Pic Chat of leaver Tier

Here we are including a helpful pie chart that breaks down how much players base abuses AFK activities. According to the data of Riot, 82 percent of players play fair, so they are currently at the “Leaver Tier 0”. Surprisingly, the next biggest share of the pie is the nastiest lawbreakers-9 percentage are on leave Tier 3+. Leaving 5.5 percentage on leave Tier 1 and 3.5 percent players are on Leave Tier 2.

Though nine percentage seems very less, given that almost one leaver among 10 players, it’s unblemished why Riot felt to interfere, that’s the reason it is introducing queue lockouts or you can say mega delays, as the pair call it. Which offers a popup and clarifies the punishment stops them from starting any other games.

According to Riot, when they issue a Queue Lockout, they are not saying to waste your time, according to the blog. They are eliminating the players from the population for a while so that they can’t continue to AFK in games in the future.  Now once a queue lockout never expires and is followed by maximum-level queue interruption so we can still retain the paybacks of behaviors modification and players who take a break don’t get to sit out their whole penalty. Queue lockouts apply to all MOBA queues.

Riot also considering the locations having weak internet connections, they are testing and taking feedbacks for such regions and may change their rule for such regions in terms of penalty in future before rolling out. They further said it is loyal to monitoring AFK, both for the frequency of this behavior and regional-specific connectivity issues.

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