EA May Be Preparing To Start Work On New UFC 5

UFC 4 was released back in August last year with excellent reviews and earned a vast 78 Metacritique score. This game was playable on PS4 and Xbox One; UFC4 was acclaimed for its practicality and genuineness while also being complained about being almost similar to its predecessor, UFC 3.

Now it’s almost one year passed away since the release of UFC 4, and now fans are waiting for UFC 5. Some fans are already assuming that Electronic Arts has already started working on the next title in the fighting series. When it comes to the 4th entry in the franchise was released about two and half years after the launch of the UFC 3, and no doubt players are eagerly waiting for any announcement regarding the UFC 5.


A job posting on UFC 5 Development

A recent job posting may have tilted off fans regarding that EA Sports is preparing to work on UFC. They posted it on the professional social network site LinkedIn, the job posting is regarding a Game design director for the upcoming game UFC. The position is already located at EA Vancouver, which also developed another version of the UFC series and the NHL franchise and the recently revealed FIFA 22.

This listing also offers several hints regarding what players can expect from this upcoming UFC Title, which may be UFC 5. Console and AAA expansion experience is highly necessary for the role, so the game should be a super high-budget title for the current or next-generation consoles. The position also clearly mentions that a focus for the title is to offer part for the franchise to retain it significant in the future, possibly playful that EA is planning on releasing more UFC entries after this game.

With the EA Vancouver’s UFC series presence the only real mixed martial arts title now obtainable, some admirers are too much worried the simulation may become decayed without any real rivalry. It is a similar criticism that plagues other EA Sports games like Madden, which can sometimes struggle to include meaningful content year after year. In contrast, the UFC titles get many years of development for each release, which will optimistically assist them in evading this issue.

The new team may resolve all flaws.

Though the UFC series may be the one and only real MMA game in the town, hungry boxing fans can look forward to eSports Boxing Club, which features many certified boxers and genuine championship belts. No doubt there is no such clear update on the ufc 5 release date, however. Still, if you are searching for a realistic MMA simulation, EA’s UFC 4 is a solid title, although it has several flaws. Perhaps EA Vancouver and its new Game Design Director can resolve all issues and create the best ever UFC game till now with the possible name UFC 5.

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