Kiss a Ginger Day

To all of us, red hair has always been distinctive and eye-catching. While many redheads are subjected to taunts and ridicule, we all like their flaming locks. Kiss a Ginger Day is on January 12th, and it’s the perfect time to show them how much we care. We all wish we had red hair at some time, but because it only occurs in 2% of the population, we resort to hair dyes to achieve the hue.

Many people assume that red hair has always been an Irish, British, or European feature; however, this is not true. According to ancient stories and archaeological finds, they knew red hair to occur in Greece and Asia. In today’s world, the feature is most common in northwestern Europe. Kiss ginger while you still can! Red hair is progressively fading worldwide, so kiss ginger while you still can!

Kiss a Ginger Day
Kiss a Ginger Day

Why was Kiss a Ginger Day created?

Why not create a New Year’s resolve to give and receive more redheaded love now that the New Year has arrived? Today is National Kiss a Ginger Day, which falls on January 12th. While the occasion may appear frivolous on the surface, it has a deeper meaning than simply locking lips.

In 2009, a Facebook group developed national Kiss a Ginger Day in response to another “holiday” designed for assaulting redheads, Kick a Ginger Day. Kick a Ginger Day, a Facebook group started by a 14-year-old kid from Vancouver in 2008, was inspired by a 2005 episode of South Park.

Many redheads were kicked and assaulted by their classmates in the festival’s first year, and the offenders gleefully revealed their actions on the group page. This happened, ironically, during Bullying Awareness Week in Canada. Even though Facebook groups are no longer as popular as they once were, the holiday has managed to persist, with assaults documented as recently as two years ago.

But, on the plus side, most people find Kick a Ginger Day ridiculous, except a few immature middle schoolers. If you’re looking for “official” information about the holiday, you’ll most likely come across this site. “Kick-a-ginger-day is not a serious event,” the kick-a-ginger-day website states. It’s a joke from the Southpark series.

We adore gingers, so don’t kick anyone!” T-shirts and other souvenirs proclaiming “We 3 Gingers” and “Gingers do have souls” are among the products available on the site. The event’s date has been moved to January 20th on the website to add to the uncertainty. If you go to the site, I would advise you to stay away from the flame war in the comments.

It’s easy to commemorate Kiss a Ginger Day 2022. It’s as simple as being a redhead and kissing someone or finding a redhead to kiss you. Disclaimer: Make sure the kissing is voluntary for all parties, and stay away from this holiday if you’re unwell or have any oral infections.

Kissing on the cheek is another alternative for individuals who don’t have someone to kiss on the lips, at least not on the lips. You may also rejoice by exchanging embraces. On February 22nd, there is a distinct Hug a Ginger Day founded by a brave redhead who took over and renamed the original national Kiss a Ginger Day group.

And, of course, How to Be a Redhead is responsible for the annual National Love Your Red Hair Day, which takes place on November 5th. There’s no need to put off giving hugs or admiring your red hair. The holidays aim to express our love for our gingers, and love can take various forms.

Activities for Kiss A Ginger Day

Give ginger kiss:

If you’re lucky enough to have someone precious in your life with red hair, kiss them. Alternatively, avoid chapped lips. Also, before kissing, make sure you have permission. Like ginger kissed without consent, hell hath no fury.

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Do something nice for a redhead you love:

Get your head out of the gutter! You can do so much more than deliver a kiss on Kiss a Ginger Day 2022. There may be some redheads in your life that you don’t want to kiss in the first place (sorry, family members). Make it a point to think of something kind to say to them.

Sending flowers or preparing them a meal might suffice. It may be a significant gift, such as a weekend getaway or jewels. Whatever you do, be sure to tell them how much they mean to you!

Famous gingers’ movies and music:

We adore a lot of ginger celebs and artists. On national Kiss a Ginger Day, take some time to admire their work. Listen to Ed Sheeran’s or Florence Welch’s songs. Watch a film or television show starring Lindsay Lohan, Amy Adams, or Christina Hendricks if you’re a fan of redheads. Make use of the movie, music, and art that gingers have provided!

Why Do We Appreciate Kiss A Ginger Day?

Redheads do not age:

You fortunate ducks, you ginger! The pigment in red hair lasts longer than it does in other colors. It fades to a silvery-white rather than a grey or dismal color. So, redheads, if you ever find yourself wishing you had different colored tresses, know that you are not just envied for your hair now, but that envy will only grow as we all get older, and your hair still looks lovely!

They’re difficult to find:

Redheads appear to be less prevalent than blondes, brunettes, and blacks. This is because the gene that generates fiery locks is recessive, which means that a child’s red hair requires both parents’ genes. People are traveling in more significant numbers today than they have ever been before.

We marry outside of our communities and travel the globe. As a result, gingers are becoming increasingly rare, and the number of people with red hair continues to decline. Redheads are one-of-a-kind, and we adore their vibrant hair as it continues to stand out.

They are the source of great art and entertaining stories:

Red hair is a stunning hue that painters can’t get enough of. Gingers may be seen in works of art by Sandro Botticelli, Edvard Munch, Mary Cassatt, and Gustav Klimt, such as “The Birth of Venus,” “Lady From The Sea,” and “Maternal Kiss.” Don’t forget about our childhood redheads!

The best way to commemorate Kiss a Ginger Day, in our opinion, is to do something kind for a redhead you care about. You may make someone feel special on this national Kiss a Ginger Day 2022, whether it’s your spouse, coworker, family member, or friend. You may prepare a meal for them, send them flowers, or bring chocolates to work!

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