iOS 15.2 release date rumors, news and all the new features coming to your iPhone

Good News for all Apple phone users! finally, iOS 15.2 is on the way and it’s unexpectedly packed with amazing features, though typically smaller ones than those presented in iOS 15.1.

We have a decent awareness of what to assume from the update as it’s previously existing in the beta form, so underneath we have thoroughly discussed all the fresh features and developments that we recognise so far.

You’ll also find info on when iOS 15.2 is probable to land beneath, and which iPhones it’s going to be well-suited with. Overall, if your phone can download iOS 15, it can get this latest update for sure but check below to know what those iPhones are.

iOS 15.2


iOS 15.2 release date and compatibility

During this post writing, there have now been two betas for iOS 15.2, so the complete version is probable to launch earlier too extensive.

iOS 15.1 launched on 25th October, which was nearly just a month after iOS 15 was released. Certainly, Apple frequently places its updates out by about a month, so the release date may be around 25th November for iOS 15.2 probably.

Though it’s true that the firm doesn’t permanently stick to that, and it’s hardly just a month. So don’t be astonished if iOS 15.2 either launches a bit prior than that or a bit later possibly even sliding into December.

When it comes to compatibility, it will be accessible for every iPhone that can get iOS 15 and iOS 15.1. That means all of them from the iPhone 6S onwards, the iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone SE 2016, as well as the iPod touch only 7th generation iPhones.

iOS 15.2 features

Now we almost know most of the features that we’re possible to see in iOS 15.2, and they comprise the following things given below.

App Privacy Report  

App Privacy Report is possibly the prime feature of iOS 15.2. Head to the Privacy section of the Settings menu and you’ll get an option for this. Permit it and you can perceive what sensors and other data your apps have access to, where they’re conveying your data to, and whether they can see your current location or not.

As per your requirement and knowledge, you may well want to lock down what information and features convinced apps can access to better protect your privacy.

app privacy report

Legacy Contacts

One of the other big features being further included as part of iOS 15.2 is Legacy Contacts. This permits you to allocate one or more of your contacts as people who will be able to get admittance to your Apple ID account and iPhone data in the incident of your death.

As well as them having to be allotted by you they’ll also have to afford a copy of a demise certificate before they can gain access, but deprived of this they might not be able to access your account at all, meaning that memories, photos, and the like could be lost to time.

Hide My Email feature in the Mail app

Hide My Email isn’t a completely fresh feature. It permits iCloud Plus subscribers to generate arbitrary email addresses that forward to your main email and can be detached at any time. So, it’s a decent way to preserve your email private, without requiring an additional inbox for an offhand email.

However, with iOS 15.2 you’ll be capable to make these emails straight from the Mail app when composing a message, which you can’t presently, so the procedure should get a lot smoother.

Use Find My to avoid being tracked

The Find My tool is also receiving a bit improved with iOS 15.2, as an innovative ‘Items that can track me’ toggle is being added. Select that and you’ll see any unidentified items in your locality that can interconnect with Find My.

This is considered so that you can determine items that might be chasing your location. Once revealed by the Find My app, you can make this unidentified tracker play a sound so you can find it, and the app can even offer commands for restricting it.

Remember that these items will only be ascertainable if they are not in range of their proprietor’s device, which could be up to 50 meters away.

Communication Safety in Messages

Communication Safety in Messages is an innovative feature that parents can select to permit on a child’s device. If they do, then the Messages app will be capable to notice nudity in images sent or received over Messages. Those images will then be blurred, and the child will be informed about the content and have to authorise that they want to view it.

This recognition of nudity is all done on-device, so it will never create disturbance for encryption or alert Apple or any other organization or person.

A redesign for Notification Summary

Notification Summary is receiving a renewed appearance as part of iOS 15.2, with the notifications now being publicised in one card, rather than a gathering of cards. It’s not a considerable modification but it’s perhaps a more sophisticated look, and further diminishes mess.

TV app updates

As part of iOS 15.2, the TV app is getting a fresh Store tab, so that on sale content is reserved distinctly from Apple TV Plus content. On iPadOS 15.2 the app is also receiving a fresh sidebar that contains all the sections of the app. This substitutes the bar at the bottommost of the screen.

A Face ID fix

Presently if you get an iPhone 13 model’s screen fixed by a third-party restoration workshop the progression will disrupt Face ID in the phone, but Apple apparently plans to stop this happening via software update.

Officially this hasn’t been confirmed yet as an iOS 15.2 feature, and there’s no release date for it till now, but there’s a chance it will be prepared in time to be twisted into the upcoming huge update.

Auto Call changes

The Auto Call feature of Apple’s Emergency SOS call service is receiving additionally customizable with iOS 15.2, as users will be able to select whether to initiate it via holding the volume and side buttons simultaneously or through quickly pressing the side or top button five times.

Earlier, you wouldn’t be able to choose between these two procedures, with the one accessible to you depending on which iPhone model you have.

The new update also encompasses the countdown earlier the call is sited to eight seconds when using the holding down buttons’ process.

Bug fixes and security updates

As usual with a software update, we’d always expect fixes for bugs and security issues in iOS 15.2, but precisely which will be fixed hasn’t been confirmed yet.

What’s your view on iOS 15.2? Did you like all the features of this update? Feels free to share your points of view in the comment section and keep visiting our website for further updates on iOS 15.2.

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