Microsoft Teams might finally be worth using in Windows 11

Microsoft has recently launched an innovative preview build of Windows 11 that makes it even smoother to share content from different apps to Microsoft Teams with attendees while in a conference.

By the announcement of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22499 to the software giant’s Dev Channel, Microsoft is progressing out a fresh feature that permits Teams users to rapidly share content from open app windows unswervingly from Windows 11’s taskbar to their video calls.

This new update builds on the additional newly launched feature that announced the aptitude to swiftly mute and unmute in live meeting calls right from the taskbar.

By creating it smoother and easier to share content through Teams calls, Microsoft will eradicate the necessity to switch back and forth among apps just to share or reshare a window. With fewer disruptions, conference attendees will have a much-relaxed time concentrating on their meetings in Teams.


Sharing open windows in Teams

Windows 11 Insiders can now try out this new feature after transferring the latest preview build of Microsoft’s new operating system.

During a meeting in Microsoft Teams, handlers can share content from their open windows by hovering over the apps in their taskbar. A fresh “Share this window” key will show under an app’s preview and by clicking on it, they can share their open windows with other attendees in a video call. By hovering over the window once more and clicking “Stop Sharing”, users can halt Teams from showing content on their PC or they can also pick an additional window to share content from it as a substitute.

This advanced feature also works through offering full-screen demonstrations in PowerPoint and by moving your mouse to the bottommost, the taskbar will pop up so that users can share or halt sharing their demonstrations deprived of disturbing attendees.

Conferring to a fresh blog post from Microsoft, the firm is rolling out this innovative feature to a subcategory of Windows Insiders with Teams for exertion or school connected though it will be rolled out to even more users in the future date. The software giant also strategies to convey this functionality to Chat from Microsoft Teams at a later date. What’s your view on this new update Microsoft Teams? Feels free to share your views in the comment section?

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