Xiaomi 12 release date rumors, price, news, leaks and why it’s not the Mi 12

We all are expecting that the upcoming Xiaomi 12 may be the next key smartphone from the Chinese top-rated smartphone manufacturer brand Xiaomi. It could get publicised before the end of 2021, though a global launch will likely drop in early 2022.

No doubt this upcoming superb flagship android smartphone could end up being one of the best smartphones of the year unless any Lite, Pro or Ultra version released together with is even improved its one of the most expected mobiles of 2022 too.

Now with the introduction of the Xiaomi 11 T Pro, the Mi 11 series looks complete, and we would not assume any more devices in the family. No, the Xiaomi 12 is maybe the next flagship smartphone of Xiaomi.

Before we have offered Xiaomi Mi 11 an amazing score in terms of design, performance and all overall but there is always something a reputed brand can do to bring improvisation, particularly when you look over at the Mi 11 Lite 5G and Mi 11 Ultra which also had their problems though those are overall considered as good.

A few days ago, Xiaomi confirmed that it was dropping the Mi name from its main series of smartphones, and that’s why this article is everything about the Xiaomi 12, not the Xiaomi Mi 12, however, we are still shortening Xiaomi to Mi always.

No doubt Xiaomi 12 leaks were relatively for a decently long while, but they have just underway dropped faster and quicker, and we have gathered all the worth knowing regarding this phone below.

Here, after that we have recorded all the innovative new things, we expect to see in this upcoming Xiaomi 12 below, based on what we enjoyed and what not about the Mi 11 Series, and looking at other Xiaomi smartphones as well as phones manufactured by other competitor companies.

Xiaomi 12


Xiaomi 12 release date and price

Xiaomi is quite unpredictable when it comes to the launching date of its smartphone, at least arbitrating by the Mi 11 series, and the Mi 12 perhaps won’t be any dissimilar.

The Mi 11 was initially revealed in December 2020, it was initially launched in China only. It was acquired until February 2021 for a worldwide re-launch and an additional month till it went on sale.

That’s a strange and stretched-out schedule that disproves lots of the phone’s publicity by the time period it spreads to the international market, but conferring to a widespread leaker, the Mi 12 will be introduced in China onetime in December.

About a Xiaomi 12 worth, we can once again only go on the Mi 11 as supervision. The phone cost £749 / AU$1,099 which is around 1,040 USD, which place it bumpily in line with the Samsung Galaxy S21 and OnePlus 9 in terms of price – expect an alike rivalry another time in the upcoming year.

News and leaks

We have gotten some fan-made renders of the Xiaomi 12. While they’re not officially declared, they’ve truly founded on real leaks regarding the phone, so we can use them as a truly initial look at the device.

If you mark the screen and design appearance unevenly the identical as on the Mi 11, but there’s an additional rear camera and no front-facing camera. This doesn’t mean selfies are prohibited, but that the smartphone could have an under-display snapper, like the ZTE Axon 20 5G.

This is straight reversed by one leak nevertheless, with a top leaker signifying the Mi 12 will still have a punch-hole cut-out for the primary camera like its previous models of Xiaomi smartphone.

One giant leak recommends the Xiaomi 12 will have a 192MP or 200MP primary camera, either of which would be the highest-resolution camera we have seen on a premium smartphone. That leak also claims the smartphone will have the next version of Qualcomm’s top-rated high-end chipset line, apparently the Snapdragon 895, roughly that was even now probable based on precedent.


A distinct leak backs up this high-resolution camera rumour but proposes it’ll be on the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, not the normal model. The rumor also says the vanilla and Pro models could have alike cameras to the Mi 11 Ultra so a 50MP main, 5x periscope and ultra-wide combo.

Before we heard no matter what precisely about the Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi revealed an innovative tech called Xiaomi HyperCharge, which offers 200W wired charging and 120W wireless charging. That’s allegedly sufficient to completely charge a 4,000mAh battery in just around 8 minutes with wired charging, or in 15 minutes with wireless.

The firm hasn’t said this will be cast-off in the Xiaomi 12, but we’d deliberate it’s probable to attain in a phone before too long, so the Xiaomi 12 or one of its siblings is a probable candidate.

Certainly, further freshly a leak has recommended that this charging tech could introduce in or around June 2022, which would possibly be too late for the standard Mi 12, but the Mi 11 Ultra was released a few months far ahead than its inexpensive sibling, so the Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra is a thinkable candidate.

Xiaomi 12

What do People want to see?

Here we are going to provide a wish list of features for the Xiaomi 12 is totally created on the Mi 11 series including the Ultra series as well as other Xiaomi phones, and what the firm’s competitors are doing.

1. Lower prices

When it comes to the Western phone markets, Xiaomi finished a unique name for itself with its ‘flagship killer’ phones, which had alike specifications to top contributions from Samsung and OnePlus which are itself the creative flagship killer, but with much lesser prices.

With the Mi 11, that’s no longer the case – the plain phone and Ultra model both match competitors in terms of costs. The Mi 11 wasn’t too costly as such, but the modest edge that put Xiaomi forward has gone.

We’d like to see the Mi 12 weaken its generations, so it can put itself forward of them in a more intense way. If there’s an additional Ultra model, we’d like to see that much more reasonable, as the Mi 11 Ultra questionably wasn’t priced at its price.

2. A cleaner user interface

MIUI, the Android fork Xiaomi uses on its phones, has some truly amazing features and some undeniably awful ones. The firm needs to sort it out.

It’s true that MIUI offers lots of customization choices, more so than some other Android forks, and the interface has solid safety and security.

But on the other hand, MIUI comes with loads of bloatware, has a bothersome security scan pop-up every time you install an app, and is actually, certainly buggy. These problems need resolving earlier we can enthusiastically like Xiaomi phones.

3. New photography modes

We’re citation roughly here that we practically certainly will realise but this is a list of what we need to see, and Xiaomi’s innovative camera modes are frequently a luxury to play with.

For photography and videography in the camera app, Xiaomi often brings new modes that rivals don’t have. There are loads of effects-heavy video modes called Movie Effects, automatic color editing for photography (more in-depth than just filters), and the sky editing mode that lets you completely change the skyline and weather effects for photos.

We’re already excited to see what the Mi 12 brings, as the fun modes will likely make using the camera a treat.

 4. Better battery life

The Xiaomi Mi 11 series was overwhelmed by a reliable issue, in that the phones just didn’t have very decent battery lives.

While each phone had a vast battery, it doesn’t look like the software or features were well-optimized, as a result, it caused the power to drain rapidly. In specific, the Mi 11 Ultra had an overheating issue which produced the charge to flip.

Undoubtedly larger isn’t improved in this case, we’d like Xiaomi to roll out further battery optimizations so that the smartphone can last longer in terms of battery backup.

 5. Improved fingerprint scanner

It’s true that you will not get in-screen fingerprint scanners in many Xiaomi smartphones, but the ones that do frequently mess up this feature slightly.

Some in-screen scanners can be undependable, denotation of your finger occasionally gets disallowed even if it should work. This can occasionally be a software issue, sometimes just a problem with the sensor being small.

Definitely, Xiaomi has to figure out a solution for these fingerprint sensors as these are crucial for a top-end smartphone and also these issues are pretty annoying to use otherwise.

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