Google Chrome could be making some big changes to your favorite extensions by launching Manifest V3

Behind the launch of Manifest V3 earlier this year, Goggle has now fixed a timeline for when Google Chrome extensions using the older version of its extension platform will no longer be sustained.

The first declaration back in October 2018, Google Manifest V3 is a set of modifications to Chromium open-source browser engine and the web Extensions API that modernizes the way in which browser extensions work with the Chrome, Opera, Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, and other chromium-based browsers.

The development of Google’s extension platform was designed specially to yield the changing web landscape and the future of browser extensions into consideration. Manifest V3 is not only more secure than its previous version, but it also offers enhanced performance and is more privacy-protective

Over the past few months, Google has been listening to opinions from its developer community and as a result, the search engine has introduced extra mechanisms to the fresh scripting API while also growing the Declarative Net Request API with support for several static instruction sets, clarifying based on tab ID and session-scoped rules.

Manifest V3

Phasing out Manifest V2 and rollout Manifest V3

After the launch of Manifest V3 with the launch of Chrome 88 formerly this year, Google has now up-to-date developers of important dates to keep in mind about the phase-out of manifest V2 in a fresh blog post.

From 17th January next year, the new Manifest V2 extensions will no longer be recognized by the Chrome Web Store. However, developers will still be capable to push updates to exist Manifest V2 extensions after this date. In January of 2023, Google Chrome will no longer run Manifest V2 extensions, and developers won’t be able to push any more updates to their existing Manifest V2 extensions.

Going forward, Google also plans to release support for dynamically configurable content scripts and an in-memory storage option for the new Manifest V3 among other fresh capabilities.

All these modifications will definitely benefit Chrome users that have added extensions to their browser as extensions designed to influence Manifest V3 will be safer and perform even better while offering supplementary privacy protection.

No doubt all these changes and Manifest V3 are going to provide a smooth and amazing user experience to the users but it may be worrisome for some developers. So what’s your thought on it! Share it with us in the comment section!

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