Apple’s Next New MacBook Pros Could Boast Higher Resolution Screens

All Mac lovers are eagerly waiting for the new MacBook pro. Apple will reveal its updated versions of its 14-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2021. Though there is no official announcement regarding the launch of these MacBooks, there are several leaks you can find in the market which claim the screen resolutions marked in the modern beta edition of macOS Monterey.

According to a report of Mac Rumors, the preview software code refers to as 3456×2234 Retina and 3024×1964 Retina Displays-resolutions that never match up with the current or earlier Apple products. In other words, the plot solidifies.

So you don’t essentially have to be a prominent investigator to figure out that these cryptic listings could mention the upcoming 14-inch and 16-in laptops from Apple, which is rumored to be packing a brand new M1X chip inside them as well.

MacBook Pro

Expected Specifications of MacBook Pro

At the moment, the present 16-inch MacBook Pro has a native screen resolution of 3072×1920 pixels, while the smaller 13-inch MacBook Pro (probable to be substituted with a 14-inch version shortly) has a native resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels.

If these unseen specs turn out to be truthful, then both laptops are going to get an advanced pixel density next time around. We have received many more rumors around these Apple laptops as well, comprising hints that the Touch Bar is getting detached.

As for when we are truly going to be capable of seeing these new MacBooks, it doesn’t appear as though there will be much longer to delay: several sources have pointed to a launch happening in October, and we will definitely let you know as soon as the Apple officials confirm anything.

 Apple’s second big hardware inauguration of late 2021

For the last few weeks now, the tale evolving from several rumor mills has been that Apple was preparing to have two huge events around September and October time: one to show off new mobile devices and another for new MacBook Pros.

If in case, those predictions are correct, we are halfway through. Last week we saw the launch of the iPhone 13, the Apple 7 watch and the iPad mini 6 and a fresh entry-level 10.2-inch iPad as well. There isn’t much missing which needs a refresh, moreover Apple’s iconic laptop.

According to some predictions, the iPads would be saved to the second of Apple’s late 2021 launches, but apparently, Apple feels appropriate to comprise them in the first one. That leaves the platform perfect for Macs whenever the second event happens in the future.

Among all the upcoming developments to the new MacBook Pros are innovative Mini-LED displays- which may be the main reason we can find screen resolutions are getting higher as well. Though there is no such official confirmation regarding these new launches from Apple, still we will have to wait for the official event of Apple to see what new updates exactly Apple is bringing in its new MacBook Pro series.

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