Go hands-free with Windows 11! See how voice access feature works

The newest Windows 11 was launched on 5th October, and since then it has released a number of innovative features and patches to resolve bugs. In the new version 22518, it comprises a number of novel features such as a regular wallpaper tool, a widget button, and for the user’s suitability, a progressive hands-free control system called Voice Access. Microsoft is one of the reputed firms in voice recognition and speech fusion therefore, much is anticipated of the Windows 11 voice access feature.

The new Windows 11 voice access feature is dissimilar from Microsoft’s Speech Recognition tool, as it lets you control each part of the Operating System, unlike the Speech Recognition tool which works for a limited component. All you require is your voice and the system’s microphone. That’s all together and your system will be hands-free with Windows 11 Voice Access. Voice Access can also be used to browse via applications, interrelate with GUI elements, imitate mouse actions, and accomplish additional odd tasks that would usually include hands-on control or exclusive manageable hardware.

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How will Windows 11 Voice Access work?

Subsequent to the initiation of Voice Access, a top menu bar will show your voice requests in real-time, the way Siri or Google Assistant seems on your device nowadays. Additionally, Voice Access does not need an internet connection since its progressions all voice data locally on your device.

You can turn off the Voice Access feature or on at any time with normal commands, making it a convenient tool for both reduced and non-disabled users. Even if you are exhausted enough to type, just command your Windows 11. That means now, even if you require to write long emails, you can rapidly command it to your Voice Access feature. Or you can think about it while cooking, you can effortlessly command it to pick or cancel a call or browse to other websites deprived of creating it muted.

The exciting part of the Voice access feature is the use of network and number overlaps. This allows you to interrelate with UI elements that are multifaceted or unidentified. The number overlay includes a number to each and every on-screen button, UI element, or menu, even though the grid overlay splits your screen into nine control regions. Your voice command can even demonstrate or hide these overlaps.

But for current days, the Voice Access feature is accessible to Windows 11 Insider build. When it will be obtainable to all other users of Windows 11, is not confirmed yet. Moreover, the Voice Access feature only supports English voice commands, for the rest of the linguistic. What’s your thought on this voice access feature of Windows 11? Feels free to share your points of view with us in the comment section. For further updates, keep visiting our website thanks.

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