The world’s first RISC-V GPU could be on the horizon

As RISC-V has developed as a probable player to both x86 and Arm, thoughts are now being had about manufacturing GPUs for chip designs based on the innovative architecture.

According to Mark Himelstein the CTO of the RISC-V who spoke with The Register, superior interest groups will develop their emphasis on extensions for shaders and cutting-edge matrix processes which are crucial for both AI and machine learning following years.

RISC-V International, the non-profitmaking organization that developed and supports the free and open RISC training set planning, has a number of interest groups that progress extensions that can be included to chip designs.

In this particular year, 16 RISC-V extensions were approved conferring to Himelstein and that number is set to cultivate even more next year as numerous fresh extensions were publicized at the 2021 RISC-V Summit.



By producing GPUs precisely for RISC-V, it will be simpler to comport AI and machine learning work with chips introducing the architecture. Though, by concentrating on shaders, a GPU extension for gaming and graphic design could be probable as well.

Himelstein further described the insight on extensions and in what way they are applied in RISC-V to The Register, stating:

“If somebody needs something more swiftly, they can contrivance it as a non-standard extension and implement it themselves with their exclusive bits, and then bring it back to RISC-V, attempt to get it in as a typical, if that’s what they want, or they could keep it exclusively.”

Though RISC-V GPUs could be genuine one day it will probably take some time before they are accessible to buy off the shelf. Nevertheless, as the overall concept is now being debated and gaining steam, it could ensue as soon as you expected.

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